Kim Jong-un Pushing For Nuclear Testing

 Pic-03102013-003Kim Jong-un Pushing For Nuclear Testing

Despite the fact that he is a out-of-control madman to date. Kim Jong-un has been pushing for nuclear testing. And he has been warned on a few accounts by the United States, to back off of nuclear testing activities. But he has ignored the warnings of the U.S., basically turning his back to them all together.

Like Iran this is a dangerous territory for North Korea to tread, and really this situation can be considered a “Dire Straits,” type one meaning simply…  Will another possible war break out over the nuclear testing fiasco? Hopefully not, we definitely DON”T NEED ANOTHER WAR to start-up. Dealing with Bin-Ladin and his regime was one of the worse wars thus far.

Well the runner-up would be “Vietnam,” when I worked at Sears & Roebuck back in the mid-90’s I remember this one guy Bill. He was a cool person, but he told me some stories from when he was involved in the Vietnam war, and well.. Let’s just say he relayed some stories to me about it, most people would probably find a garbage can and tilt their heads over the top of the can and let it loose (Vomit). But he survived it, and he was working.

 But the situation with North Korea, is being taken seriously. Kim Jong-un is considered to be a worthy leader in the eyes of North Koreans. And a lot does fall into his lap after the death of his father back in 11′. So here you have it this guy in his late 20’s and in charge of a Country, with nuclear capability at his finger tips LOL. Yea that could hype up a youngster at that age with so much control like that you think?.. 

Especially after he launched a long-range rocket just this past December in 2012 just for kicks, which of course brought international attention in a hurry. Now the thing is Kim Jong is starting to push his luck with other countries like the U.S. and Russia that will be watching to see what he will do next. Tomorrow he is planning to conduct a 3rd nuclear/missile test launch, and after he has already shown his defiant attitude towards international warnings.

I’m sure the UN (United Nation) will have to take some serious notice of this matter and sit down at the table to talk about just what in the h**l Kim Jong-un and North Korea is trying to do, or better yet is there a “Hidden Agenda,” in the mix..

But let’s think of it this way as well, recently other super powers have gone through new leadership transitions thus far. On that list is countries like Japan, Russia, and China have undergone the transition, and still are Super-Power countries like the U.S. 

And look at this about North Korea, they even launched successfully launched a long-range rocket, putting a satellite into orbit, which has to be a major feat for this long-time country that has been poverty-stricken hard.

Pic-03102013-005 (United Nation Security Council Pictured Left) And yea the United Nations did decide to tighten up sanctions against North Korea and even went off the radar on China putting into the position as a protector at the UNSC (United Nations Security Council). 

But this reflects the actions of Kim Jong-un himself really, he is young and doesn’t seem to understand that there must be balance when becoming a leader of a nation. He seems to be letting these few major achievements for North Korea, to start to go to his head (Drunk With Power, LOL Worse Than An Alcohol Addiction). He is ignoring warnings of super power countries and just showing disrespect and straight defiance.

It’s dangerous to think like that, and Kim needs to realize what he is doing may not turn out to be the best thing for North Korea the country that considers him an upstanding leader. In which he could be leading them down a very bad path that will be impossible to come back from..

Kim Jong-un Pushing For Nuclear Testing

(By: Jaye Irons)

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