Transgender Clinic For Kids Opens In Chicago

 Transgender Clinic For Kids Opens In Chicago 

This is the first ever “Gender Identity Clinic” which will focus on both transgender and gender will now become available to kids 13 yrs and younger, the clinic will be open later this year in the windy city. The clinic will also address issues of sexuality  and HIV prevention with youth as well as parents. 

It is a critical need in Chicago as well as, the mid-west states and cities. Kids and Parents will grapple with the unique set of challenges, issues, or problems. 

The Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s hospital of Chicago, a pediatric teaching hospital for Northwestern University‘s medical school will provide the services to (Primarily) young adults as well as Parents.

As of now the clinic is guided by Dr. Rob Garofalo (Director Of The Clinic), Dr. Garofalo released comments about the clinic saying: “As a unit, the family is not always ready to embrace terms like “LGBT (Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender).  

“I think coming to Lurie allows people to come to a place where services are hopefully increasingly culturally competent, without threatening the developmental trajectory that these families have to go through.”

The Lurie center will deal with 3 primary functions:

  1. Research
  2. Services
  3. Advocacy

The Clinic is moving into the downtown region of Chicago, and it did get slapped with a variety of questions for it’s area choice of operations. Dr. Garofalo figured that most of the neighborhoods outside of the downtown area, would benefit greatly from the Clinic’s

Edgewater, Chicago

Edgewater, Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

services which is why the downtown location is a key choice for the Clinic itself. 

This will eliminate the fear an individual would have to face if they were to go to a Hospital, which could be rather difficult for them to find the proper resources which can proper educate them on various issues they might have questions about that would need to be better addressed.

Fellow researcher Dr. Travis Gayles (Clinical Instructor), believes that the main focus would be to station the Clinic within reachable perimeters in the downtown area as well as providing a local based facility for it’s clients that is convenient. 

“Anytime you are doing community based participatory research, you want to be in the community. “It’s great to do research, but we really want to do research that means something to the people we’re discussing.” Comments from Dr. Gayles. 

The Clinic’s chosen location spot will be near 2 red line stops at 4711 North Broadway, this will be in close proximity of both the Edgewater and Lakeview neighborhoods. 

The Clinic will have a broaden range of resources, dealing with gender identity issues which will integrate psychology (The Study Of Mental Behavior) and endocrinology (Hormonal Growth In Youth adolescents, And The Endocrine System In The Body).

The Clinic will schedule it’s launch operations later this year to the downtown Chicago area later this year..

(Video Credit: LaTika04)

Transgender Clinic For Kids Opens In Chicago

(By: Jaye Irons)

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