Job Profile Troubles?… Are You Linked-In!

Job Profile Troubles?…

Are You?


So here is the  situation.. You want to go for a job you saw either in the classified ads, job position postings online, or in on a t.v. commercial.  But let’s say you have been out of work for a while and you are worried that if you send in your resume that you may feel that it is not properly up-to-date.

You then start to wonder to yourself, will they hire me or will they just laugh their ass off at me, and toss my resume in the scarp-o-matic trash bucket shredder.

I concur with that notion, it is very different nowadays, when you go to submit a resume. So may people don’t realize that now in these times, companies are very sensitive at screening out individuals for job position at their establishments.

And this in return intimidates the applicant, as they then doubt themselves and think… “What the use they just gonna give the position to someone else anyway, I guess I just don’t have what it takes to qualify for getting a job… 😦 

You see I hate that, I don’t like seeing people struggle, it f**king sucks seriously.

But one thing people have to know is this, life was never meant to be easy LOL. It just how it is BUT, it doesn’t mean that you just hang it up and give up on yourself because that my friend is a sin in itself.

And there is a way to make a great impression to the employers out there that are looking for potential employees to their companies. And some may not realize this, but a certain online social media platform may be the answer to your troubles so check this out closely.

Social Platform Solution For The Job Market World… (Got Linked?)

So a lot of people may not know this or some do of course on the other side of the spectrum, but using social media can help boost your visual profile image (VPI). But this is where for a lot of people it also get tricky, because there is so many people out there again like I said before that do not understand the way social media truly works. 

And hate to say it, but the world they might have known back then (People Who Are In There 50’s, 40’s, or mid-30’s Age Bracket) is not as forgiving in terms of job presentations anymore.

Meaning that if you are going to really get a employer or rather one who does the hiring at the company that you are applying for to recognize you, then just simply filing out a job application or just throwing in a resume into the mailbox and crossing your fingers for the best is not gonna cut it LOL.

But if you take a more walk-around-the-block-approach-to-it, it can make a more rewarding difference in your life. 

So think about this, people who are using Facebook to market themselves to employer sounds like a good idea but it is also like being in the SAW movies and you choose the wrong way out of one of jigsaw’s puzzles. Well you know… Not good haha.

It’s like that with Facebook, when trying to promote yourself for a job interview… Why you say?


Because Facebook is just that, a social media platform for mainly meeting people and social recreation. It’s not really in line for someone looking to market themselves for a job in the workforce field, when companies go probing through your Facebook page like “Electric Spiders,” that crawl your web page with no remorse you see LOL..

And ya  before you say it, that goes for Twitter as well because that is an audio tweet social brand site. Yea it can be used to be

discovered, but it is not 100% effective and again, companies or corporations, employers etc., don’t truly acknowledge it.

Stumble Upon… Not really..


My Space?… You’ll embarrass yourself if you go there with that so don’t… Haha. (See Example Face)

Linked In? We have a.. Winner! (Classic Carnival Lango).

So Linked In is the one you want to go there with, when marketing or promoting yourself for a job find.

For some weird reason, employers look to Linked In as the answer, they base everything like your profile, what you will say about yourself, what you are looking for in terms of job searching, skills, education, work history, even if you have hobbies stuff like that.

But focus mainly on landing the job aspect part of it.

So taking a little time out of your schedule, checking into this option after you narrowed down your job hunt and you have decided ok this is what I’m going for…

Will then bring you to creating a profile that will grab the employers’ attention, putting the spotlight on you. (Hey Look Don’t Be Afraid To Be In The Spotlight, Look If Gilbert Gottfried Can Do Stand Up Comedy, Then Building Your Job Profile For Companies to See And Then You Get Called Into A Interview Can’t Be Bad At All Right?.. LOL.

Yea Gottfried is weirdly and wildly out there I agree…

But I just to bring that up and maybe that might shed some light on those who are trying to find work. I’ll post a video below to give you even more insight, ok bye for now.

(Video Credit: Peggy McKee)

Job Profile Troubles?… Are You Linked In!

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm , cool , collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!


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