Han Solo Revamped For Star Wars??

 Han Solo Revamped For Star Wars?? 

                     Harrison Ford by Nate Burrows Photography

                       (Harrison Ford A.K.A Han Solo)

Long, Long Time Ago.. From a Galaxy Far, Far away.. (Don’t Quote Me It Might Be Wrong LOL). But apparently not about the re-birth of Han Solo which will be ready for action again after nearly 40 years.

Ya that’s right Harrison Ford is rolling back on the SW (Star Wars) set again. The 70-year-old is well possibly about to dust off the good ol’ laser blaster, and go a sith hunting haha, X out the force powers, wonder if the ‘Admiral Luke’ will embark on this trip with him also this time around. Doubtful, the way I heard it Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) didn’t really care for the role of Luke Skywalker in the first place.

                      (Mark Hamill A.K.A Luke Skywalker)

But it would be interesting to see if he also did come back into play in future “Star Wars” flick as a Mentor like an ancient unidentified Jedi Master, and put some spin on that like if he would have been a former Sith Lord that well… Was the one that trained Darth Maul!! That would be interesting I believe.

 And Princess Laya (Carrie Fisher The Girl Who Always Tried to Kill Joliet Jake In The Blue Brothers Movie haha), might be re-introduced into the transition of the talked about Star Wars movie coming up which is aiming for 2015′.

But this is the thing about Ford return for the role of Han Solo, that is if his role will be continued on through that character but I think Hollywood  producers might have something else in mind for him I would think (Let’s Face It He Is Up There In Age LOL).

Don’t get me wrong, Ford was badass as “Indiana Jones,” and the crazy stuff he would find himself getting into in that movie was just classic.

But Ford did say that, he wanted the Han Solo character to meet his end in “Star Wars VI” which is the one called “Return Of The Jedi.”

But Lucas thought that it was a ridiculous request by Ford who felt, that decision will be a financial risk that would probably “underbelly” the whole franchise which was mainly geared toward sells of action figures back then.


ROTJ-Brit-Quad (Photo credit: Pineapples101)

I remember the action figures, and at the time Star Wars was very, very, popular over 30 years ago they were sold out like crazy either at Toys-R-Us, or Kay-Bee toy store you name it they were off the shelves and in kids’ hands.

Now Ford did say that he will come back to do the role for Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars film set for 2015 release, but this time he wants this to be the last run for the Han Solo character.. Meaning this time Han Solo will die in the film.

Remember the last time Solo almost perished, and Laya was to be princess slave and wife to Jubba the Hut, in Return Of The Jedi. But Skywalker with R2-D2 and I think C-3PO, if my memory serves me correct…  If not correct me in my comment section of this post, broke up the party and freed both Solo and his sister Princess Laya.

Also there is still casting to see who will play young Han Solo, in the film and they might dig up something on Yoda to see if any party favorite tricks can spin some ideas on integrating him into the film as well.

After we have kick ass technology now, so The Force really isn’t needed for special image effects… But if it was used, I’m sure it would save a h**l of a lot of dough for magic tricks and trick imagery hijinks haha.







    (I’ll Move The Camera!! You Go Grab Me A Sub-Sandwich From Sub-way!..)

Han Solo Revamped For Star Wars??

(Video Credit: TheArchfiend)

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you form making a difference in life is your self strive for best!

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