Man In Deep Trouble After Slapping Baby On Plane!

Man In Deep Trouble

Joe Rickey Hundley of Hayden, Idaho, shown in a photo from a previous arrest, has been charged with assaulting a minor. After Slapping Baby On Plane!

Sometimes you might be out at a store or a restaurant, and let’s say you might see  a kid nearby from the table you are sitting at waiting for your food getting disciplined by their parents for acting out in public. That could be something like a slap to the bottom or calling their name out loudly to scare attention into to mind them and behave.

Sometimes it is necessary for kids to be reminded that mom or dad is in control, and that they stay in a kid’s place (Even though the real problem is DCFS and the government that tries to change kid discipline rules giving kids too much power nowadays causing them to disobey their parents). 

But in this situation, it is totally  different why? Well… This one guy took some matters into own hands that now has him in some serious hot water all together.


He was on a plane flight riding Delta Airlines from Atlanta to Minneapolis, and during the course of this flight there was an altercation where this guy Ricky Hundley had slapped a 19-month-old baby..

And that’s where the fireworks jumped off from there because now  after this situation broke out into the social media news, and they are eating this one up (via) like an IHOP breakfast all you can eat buffet with strawberry syrup with a big fat blueberry on top of the stack of pancakes. 

Hundley, 60, was in dire straits for a head-on collision at another point, for not only slapping the 19-month-old boy, but also for using the N-slur word directed to the child.

Oh man, NOT A GOOD Move at all on his part.

But he address the boy’s mother also by saying to her.. Jessica Bennett,33, saying: “Shut that n****r baby up” before he decided to slap the child in the face.

And what really sealed the deal to all of this that makes Hundley look so so guilty, is that Jessica and her son had broaded the plane to fly back home after attending a family funeral..

And yea there’s even more haha hold on.. Hundley was background checked after the incident, and in his past history and a record file came up on him for assault..

Man this guy just picked the wrong baby and the wrong day, because he is in some deep dog s**t. Plus the kid came up with a scratch under his right eye after Hundley assaulted him.

He also was in trouble before for public intoxication back in 07′ after walking away from his girlfriend that he got into a fight with. After the fight with his girlfriend he was charged with simple assault.

Yea doesn’t look too great for Hundley, especially now that the child’s mother could probably push for a suit against only time will tell on that.

But for now Facebook and the rest of the social media crew is going to have a filed’s day with this heated story.

Man In Deep Trouble After Slapping Baby On Plane!

(Video Credit: AreYouInTheKnow)

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