Pic-03152013-007 “The Son Of Svengoolie” was a very weird show in terms of humor, from what I’ve watch when I was a kid. From weird monsters, cornball skits from Svengoolie himself (A.K.A. Rich Koz), and LOL the rubber chickens… LOL the rubber chicken was almost likely a cult thing that went on with the Svengoolie show.

You could not get past not one episode without them being thrown around, and they would sometime hit Svengoolie or the piano player in the process while he plays the piano in the back ground. Hilarious s**t indeed, my sister never could figure out exactly what in the h**l I saw in the show haha.

But it was something that I liked when I was a kid, plus the intermission break skits that Svengoolie would do himself, he would do this in the middle of the show’s progress.

Svengoolie would also have like a voice over type sound system, when he would go to the intermission and sometimes make fun of a movie in which was regarded at certain parts to the movie.

The 3-D red / blue “Shades Of Magic,” that could enhance the viewing pleasure of the viewer that would put the horror flick right in front of your face.

One thing I didn’t know about the “Son Of Svengoolie show,” was Rich Koz was NOT the original guy to play Svengoolie but rather he wa a writer of the show at first..


(Jerry Bishop Original “Svengoolie”)

Pic-03152013-008 Jerry G. Bishop was the first to play as the zany “Svengoolie,” over 40 years ago. Now the thing is this, the show ran for three seasons from 70′-73′.

Jerry G. Bishop did the role for that time, then Rich Koz that help write the show had finally got the chance to step into the role as “Svengoolie” himself.

But not as “Svengoolie”, because he wasn’t the first to play the role.. So enter the “Son Of Svengoolie”, LOL I always wondered why they would call him that ever since I was about 8 or 9 when I first saw it on Channel 32 WFLD-TV which was not yet FOX TV yet…

They also had a weird word that would occasionally pop out during Svengoolie’s intermission skits, the cheesy audience sounds would keep saying “Berwyn”. And I found out that was referencing a Chicago suburb.

(Rich Koz Took Over As The “Son Of Svengoolie” Later Becoming Svengoolie)


Koz would also do other gimmick shows with FOX 32 ( WFLD-TV Metromedia Ch. 32 Sold The Rights To FOX TV In 86′), shows like “The Koz Zone”, or “Fox Kids Club” which came on weekdays. I would get home from school running to the T.V. tube neglecting my homework in a dam hurry haha to watch..


                           Classic “Son Of Svengoolie” Advertisment (Rich Koz)

The ‘Badass’ Svengoolie, classic horror show lives on even today on the “U” Channel 26! even though they are re-runs, but hey it’s Svengoolie!


(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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