Rihanna Bloodied At Box Nightclub

Rihanna and Chris Brown concert, Brisbane Ente...

Rihanna and Chris Brown concert, Brisbane Entertainment Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rihanna Bloodied At Box Nightclub

Man Rihanna just seems to be catching it from all sides lately, this situation now takes place at “The Box,” which is a night club out in London,England.

So apparently Rihanna was assaulted by a out-of-control fan that was overly anger stricken at Rihanna, and decided to sling a bottle of Lucozade at her from the audience which scraped her right knee.

After the bottle throwing incident, her bodyguard tried to go after the bottle thrower only to get injured worse than Rihanna in the process.

But had to take the trip, to the hospital for any physical wounds.

The insane fan made a remark towards Rihanna regarding Chris Brown, now why the fan should be concerned about her and Chris Brown I think really doesn’t concern that person LOL but you know today’s world and it’s issues.

And the timing is strange also, it was just last week Rihanna was at the Grammy Awards hanging with Brown on their on and off again relationship. They were even sitting next to each other at the event, and they didn’t seem to be not liking each other in any way so that pretty much sum it up about their courtship which still lives on.

I guess some people are upset at Rihanna for taking back Brown after all the stuff that transpired between the two, after all it was at one point that Rihanna couldn’t stand being nowhere near Brown after he got into a physical tussle with her a while back.

But it is messed up for Rihanna, that seems to just get side-lined with problems in her relationship with Chris Brown.

Rihanna and Chris Brown concert. Brisbane Ente...

Rihanna and Chris Brown concert. Brisbane Entertainment Centre. November 1st 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You could even compare their relationship to the one like Ike and Tina Turner had LOL..

Which was physical and they seem to always be at each other’s throats (Even Though Ike Was More Of The Aggressor Of Domestic Violence Toward Tina).

It was even at one point when Tina finally left Ike, he decided to share some comments of his stupidity, on how he treated Tina doing their 14 year marriage.

Ike Turner: “The problem is that there are two sides to every story and they only printed the bad side, I regret that I’ve screwed up my life, but I’m not ashamed o nothing I did.”

he goes on.. “I took everything God gave me for granted: Tina, my family my career. When me and Tina broke up, man I panicked. I got so insecure. I thought the public would reject me without her. I knew I was in real bad shape, but I couldn’t stop.” 

Ike Turner released those statements to “The Times” back in 91′.

So thinking about Rihanna and Chris Brown if they were to really get serious and take their relationship to the next level, it kinda makes you wonder.. Will it turn out ok and they actually stay together for the long-run, or will it just turn out tobe another “Ike and Tina” episode that will lead to an ultimate break up for good?

No one can answer that no time soon.. But time is waiting on the response, and it will be the first to know before any body else LOL.

(Video Credit: Aarati Nambiar)

Rihanna Bloodied At Box Nightclub

(By: Jaye Irons)

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