Robbers Get Away With Fifty Million In Diamonds!

Robbers Get Away With Fifty Million In Diamonds! 

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This kinda reminds me of the story I did about Rita Crundel that was the Comptroller of Dixon, IL. That stole over $50 million dollars in revenue from the city some of which was stolen in diamonds that was reported to be worth a few hundred thousand in worth.

But this one takes the cake LOL, these crooks that seemingly had a plan to make off with $50 million dollars, but it wasn’t a grand scheme to rob a bank or pull what Rita Crundel had done to the city of Dixon by robbing a town of  it’s assets blindly.

No no, they LOL just stole diamonds. So they stole fifty million in diamonds, and you are probably saying to yourself.. Don’t they have police officers or some type of armed security to escort the diamonds to let’s say something like the plane cargo area (If It Was Going By Plane, And It Was LOL).

But that’s were the thieves I guess concocted their “Grand Scheme” in order to pull this crime caper off.

They pretty much took a page out of a movie or something with this idea, as they dressed up as law enforcers or what we call “Cops” haha.

Now this is out at the Brussels airport in Belgium, Germany and the flight was scheduled to go to Zurich, Switzerland.

So around 8 ‘o clock Monday night, eight masked men in two vehicles busted through a section of the fence of Brussels Airport and rode a tarmac to the airplane.

They were heavily armed but did not fire any shots off, the gunmen threaten the pilot and co-pilot of the plane and a security guard transporter to hand over the merchandise.

But the diamonds were placed in a hold area, and it only took them three minutes to get the diamonds. After that they were spotted racing toward the breach in the fence that they made and left out through it.

They then ran to their cars (Two Cars Four Of Them In Each), and sped away with the diamonds (No Doubt Laughing Their Asses Off, $50 Million Dollars Richer). 


 (Thieves Stole Diamonds At Brussels Airport)

These guys basically had some type military ordinance for what they had set out to do, and they mixed that concept up with classic organized crime type mentality. 

And these criminals were suggested to be rigid experts at doing something like this, which also means that they should be considered highly dangerous if it did come down to a fire-fight it out with the actual authorities.

Antwerp, Germany is the city that is known world-wide as the diamond cutting capital, which is twenty-five miles away from Brussels. And on a daily basis, over $200 million dollars worth in diamonds that is transported by aircraft.

Security is taken very seriously, when transporting merchandise of that worth which was said by Van Wymersch a Public Prosecutor in Brussels.

Van Wymersch said he does not know if the thieves took other merchandise like gold or platinum, which he think might have gotten mixed up the diamonds.

So far there are no leads that follows any other where abouts of the robbers.

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Robbers Get Away With Fifty Million In Diamonds!

(By: Jaye Irons)

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