3-Way Slice: Drew Peterson Sees Red In Trial Proceedings / First Female Kicker NFL! / Oscar Pistorius Is Granted Bail?..

Drew Peterson Sees Red In Trial Proceedings

Drew Peterson finally got his just deserts in the murder case of his third wife Kathleen Savio in his court hearing yesterday,  and after the judge ruffled his feathers big time telling Peterson that he will be serving a 38-year prison sentence Peterson went into Incredible Hulk (Hulk-Out Mode LOL) over the microphone with raging anger saying… “I DID NOT KILL KATHLEEN!”

And that’s were the other fireworks shot off when his dead wife’s sister loudly replied back.. “YES YOU DID!” YOU LIAR! That is when the judge told the sheriff’s deputies to exit the woman from the courtroom.

And on another note, it still has to be confirmed about his fourth wife Stacy that has been missing for 6 years now. He has not been charged with her disappearance since that time.


Peterson put on a show after getting sentenced for Savio’s death losing his composure all together, and looking around at the courtroom with the “Angry Eyes” (LOL One Of My Favorite Songs By Loggins And Messina, Which definitely Applied To Peterson Yesterday LOL).

Judge Edward Burmila subtracted the difference that Peterson already spent in jail toward his time, which was 4 years served so far.

But LOL I know even if he does manage to live out the 34 year sentence (Big On The If Part haha), he would be able to go for parole at 93 WTF!! LOL.

Lets get real he might as well pass the soap bars on that one, because he not seeing the light of day ever again.

After he received his sentence, then he turns around and continues to put on charade of the [care-care] sympathy of losing his wife Kathleen saying: “I loved Kathy. She was a good mom, she did not deserve to die. But she died in an accident.”

Then Peterson started to pour out the crocodile tears in full force. I guess he does this to gain sympathy from the public, but seriously not gonna happen haha.

Authorities decided to take another look at Kathleen’s death, which takes place due to the suspicious analysis of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.


Attorney James Glasgow  involved in the case told Peterson to look him in his eyes, telling Peterson.. “You’re a cold-blooded murder and I’ll stare you down until I die.”

(Video Credit: Torrey Charles)

First Female Kicker NFL!

Pic-03042013-009So Lauren Silberman will be the first female to get into the game of football with the NFL. Even though it will be rather difficult for Silberman to integrate into the league.

This is if she is picked to actually get into the NFL, and be put on the roster. She did however disclose her feeling toward the possibly of actually getting picked into the league to play with the big boys.

Silberman: “I was not aware that I was the first female participant. I was actually hoping that the 2012 historical milestone rule, to allow women to play, would prompt more women to attend tryouts this year. But for me, what’s important is to finally have a chance to fulfill my dreams by trying out to play in the world’s most competitive football league.”

Silberman disclose her comments as she was interviewed by Gregg Rosenthal.

So Silberman is set for her tryout debut on March 2 and the 3rd for kicker position with  New Jersey. She is seemingly focused and ready to give it a go!

Silberman was once part of a soccer team at the University Of Wisconsin, she basically knows that there is a big difference between the game of and soccer and professional football LOL.

Even though she also realizes that the odds will be stacked against her, she does not seem bothered one bit.

She feels that the real cream filling in the pie, is that she will gain the experience of the whole taking part in what will make definite sports history.

And that is the first ever female kicker in the NFL..

(Video Credit: Johnny Jones)

English: Oscar Pistorius during 2011 World cha...

English: Oscar Pistorius during 2011 World championships Athletics in Daegu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Oscar Pistorius Is Granted Bail?..

After Pistorius was granted bail Thursday, after the matter of his girlfriend coming up dead due to mistaken identity as Pistorius proclaims. But after the judgement was set for bail, the question now comes down to this about the next thing which comes to mind of most people thinking about this situation with Pistorius.

Will he try to flee the country?

And the Prosecutors definitely feels that he is a “Flight Risk,” which was a point made by an investigating officer. The public city council is saying that it is not right to say that, just because he is famous that he would just stay in Africa. Or that he is too famous and that he would travel the world without NOT being recognized.

A wiki-leaks reporter also pointed out the fact that Pistorius has the money and the means, and that he apparently has access to a house out in Italy or even go as far as too put up money to have facial construction (Changing His Look Altogether) in order to avoid unwanted recognition.

But the defense in his case will have the overall say, regarding his case. The defense also said that it would be extremely impossible for Pistorius to hide himself because of his prosthetic legs, especially every time he is at an airport and has to step through the metal detectors it just causes wide attention to detail drawn to him.

Plus his legs need to be maintenance monthly, ensuring that they are at full operational capacity.

It would be just impossible for him to hide. 

It was also said that Pistorius has two South African passports, even though Pistorius is giving up the passports.

So basically Pistorius is staying to face down the allegations of the case and try to prove his innocence.

(But Really I Think He Is Screwed LOL), but I can’t judge the man that is left up to the judge to decide how it will turn out for Pistorius.

So it’s basically playing the waiting game to see what will happen..

(Video Credit: Computergirls1985)

3-Way Slice: Drew Peterson Sees Red In Trail Proceedings / First Female Kicker NFL! / Oscar Pistoruis Is Granted Bail?..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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