“Hammer Time!”

“Hammer Time!”

MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice at Wet Republic

MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice at Wet Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yea it’s a damn shame that the seemingly mixed up in a misunderstanding on famous faces, none other than MC Hammer himself. But after getting pulled over by a Police Officer that asked Hammer (Stanley Burrell), was he on either “Parole or Probation?” In the course of reaching for his license to give to the officer, Burrell said that the officer then reach inside of his vehicle and tried to pull him out of it…

In a later statement made by the officer (Herb Walters), said that Burrell  was arrested Thursday on charges of obstructing an officer in the performance of their duties and resisting an officer.

“Wait, wait a minute”… You smell that, I do.. I think that smells like umm…

BullS**t haha.

Gotta like how the Police haha, are always  so jumpy over nothing all the time right?

But the fact of the matter is that Burrell wasn’t digging it, of how the officer went about the traffic stop routine. And let’s not overlook the part where he tried to yank him out of the car.

I’m surprised they didn’t get into a scuffle after that episode..

Hammer know for his song (“U Can’t Touch This), was a hugely popular rap artist icon back in the 90’s.

But Burrell didn’t let the whole fiasco bring him down, in fact he pushed out a few tweets after the event. He said that he “insulted and humored” after what had transpired.

Burrell has over 3 million followers on Twitter, that received his tweets after he was released from jail.

He also said the Police after pulling over, took him into custody after they realized that the vehicle Burrell was in was not registered to him. 

That’s when Burrell got into a heated confrontation with the officer, after he was being questioned about the vehicle. So from there he refused to exit the car, Officer Walters added that Burrell continued on with the arguement of exiting the car. 

Burrell evenutally got out of the car, which was said by Walters.

Hammer then was taken to jail, where he was booked and let go after posting his bail..

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