Orie Sisters Prosecuted By District Attorney

Orie Sisters Prosecuted by District Attorney 

This past Thursday Joan and the other two Orie sisters Janine & Jane are facing campaign corruption charges, so far the sentencing date has not been determined.

Jane Orie (Former Senator) was sentenced last year, two to ten years for using her staff (State Paid Staff ) campaigns, to campaign for her sister Joan. Both Joan and Janine Orie were convicted are a separate investigation was done on them, for misusing Joan Orie’s former staff.

Their parents John and his late wife Jean raised nine kids, 5 of whom are attorneys, a teacher, a human resources manager, sister Janine worked for Joan Orie Melvin in the lower Superior Court before going on to the Supreme Court level. Both Janine and Joan together on the Supreme Court circuit.

Before Rep. Tom Corbett was governor, Jane Orie was high-ranking Republican politician not only in just Pennsylvania but also of several states’ highest court. But as of May 2012, Melvin decided to resign from her Senate seat.

She was opted to resign by State lawmakers, if not then she would be impeached from her Senate seat. 

With her conviction, Melvin has been given a month’s time to answer to the charges pinned against her (Charges Of Misconduct) filed by the state’s Judical  Conduct Board. They will investigate her case further to determine whether or not that she will be removed from office.

Her criminal defense attorneys and her disciplinary court attorney didn’t return calls this Friday.

All three sisters have argued the prosecution is the result of a political vendetta by Allegheny County District Attorney Stenphen Zappala Jr., a Democrat, who has repeatedly denied ulterior motives.

in the ending of 2009, an investigation was sparked off against the Oires, because of Zappala’s family who had legal intersets in legalized gambling, and it was opposed by the Ories as it expanded in Pennsylvania.

Then there was other alleogations that Sen. Jane Orie was under investigation for calling for the audit of  two child care centers that paid kickbacks to two judges in Luzeme County in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Both Centers were co-owned by Gregory Zappala, and his brother, who never were charged in the suggested allegations of wrong doing.

It is said by Orie supporters that what drove the prosecution charges against them, more in likely stemmed from politics itself.

Two juries have collaborated enough evidence against the trio, despite the fact of mass backing from their supporters. 

Then in October of 2009, a Senate Intern addressed the issue of Sen. Jane Orie’s staff was doing campaign work for her sister Joan.

A letter that Sen. Jane Orie had written on Joan Melvin’s campaign stationery asking  for nuns to vote for her sister.

Eventually both sisters would find out about the whistle-blowing intern, so Jane Orie had a staffer prepare another letter (Cover Up Type), which was disclosed by prosecutors surrounding their case in court. And when Sen. Orie re-wrote on her own stationery speaking about the civic events of interest to nuns but didn’t bring up Joan.

One comment said by university law professor John Burkoff: “Frankly, It’s smart group of people. How could they put themselves in this kind of situation? This is the kind of thing we’ll be puzzling about for years.”

Orie Sisters Prosecuted By District Attorney

(By: Jaye Irons)

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