The Coast Guard Goes After Missing Boaters

Pic-03042013-004The Coast Guard Goes After Missing Boaters 

As of now the Coast Guard has not been able to identify the individuals aboard a boat vessel, nor has anybody have been reported missing in action (MIA). But the Coast Guard were instructed to act accordingly to the urgent message that was sent sunday afternoon, as the craft itself started to sink beneath the cold waters which was 65 miles form Half Moon Bay.

There was a distress call sent out over an hour by the operator of the vessel, which notified the Coast Guard that four people were jumping ship and then the Coast Guard transmission went dead doing the S.O.S call.

Petty Officer (Pamela Boehland) told CNN news about the bad weather that the crew encountered on their voyage, and also relayed information about the craft itself drawing water into it and slowly sinking.

She goes on to say that the electronics aboard the boat, was shorted out because of the water that steadily kept raising.

And eventually the crew was overrun by the water at a certain point forcing them to take drastic measures of survival. 

Chief Petty Officer Mike Lutz said that the boat didn’t even have a life raft, or a electronic-positioning beacon. Officer Lutz reported there were some of the boaters that had life jackets, but exactly how many had them was unknown.

One man who went missing from the vessel had said that the crew was leaning towards a plan B, by using a substitute craft like raft with the combination of a cooler and a life-preserver to stay afloat and wait it out for a rescue attempt by the Coast Guard to come for them.

There were four people on the boat a man, woman, their son and his cousin.

For some time the caller’s first S.O.S call was transmitted for some time, the caller even made a second distress call, but the sound of the transmission was difficult to understand fully. So determining names was challenging.

The Coast Guard as of now, is trying to better identify the missing of the vessel by trying to get in contact with friends and neighbors or other family members who knows the family.

And they cannot find the name of the boat that is registered under “Charmblow.”

And the last S.O.S call made to the Coast Guard was very static-like in transmission saying “Coast Guard, Coast Guard, We are abondoing ship.” This is the Charmblow. “We are abondoning ship.”

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possible hoax missing family

The Coast Guard Goes After Missing Boaters

(By: Jaye Irons)

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