“The Stylistics”

Stylistics in 1980. From left to right: Airrio...

Stylistics in 1980. From left to right: Airrion Love, Herbie Murrell, Russell Thompkins, Jr., and Raymond Johnson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Stylistics”

Was a soul musical group that was formed by Airron Love, James Dunn, James Smith, Herbie Murrel, and Russell Thompkins Jr. My Father use to have a lot of their records, so I would hear quite a few of them when I was a kid.

This is the time that 8-track types (Very Large Cassette Types That Go Into A Very Large Cassette Type Player In Your Car) was hugely popular back in the early to mid 70’s into the mid-80’s (Keep In Mind I Was Barely Born Then Haha So I don’t Know Exactly When They Were Invented).

And he would play his favorite songs in his car (A 60 Something  Chevy Implala Red With A 357 Engine, Yea Dad Had A Bad Ride LOL), when we would ride around maybe to go get ice cream or something and “The Stylistics was just one of a few Cassette types he had as we cruised around.

But the group itself had a few great hits:

They were  just a few of the songs that they had made, and they were very popular back then.

The one I remembered  most was “Hurry Up This Way Again,” I didn’t really care so much for the song when I was a kid. LOL most kids don’t, but when I got older, I started to really listen to the meaning of the song itself and I discovered or rather my own opinion of what I think the song is talking about.

I believe it’s talking of a “Break Up,” in a relationship or it could make reference to a cheating lover that goes behind the other lover’s back and messes around on them.

So the phrase “Hurry Up This Way Again,” reflects that message I’m pretty sure.

And the thing is about “The Stylistics,” is that they did some international performances which I’ve couldn’t have guess about. They did shows in Europe, the United Kingdom, and they really got the United Kingdom hooked into the melodic crafted beats that they produced in their songs.

Europe went nuts over their song “Na Na Is The Saddest World,” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

But as the times of disco days, their songs didn’t attract to well with that time frame, and started to loose it’s fizzle and longevity… As disco was a faster set of beats where as “The Stylistics” type of songs were more slow dance type material.

In the beginning of the 80’s both James Dunn and James Smith left the group due to non resolvable differences. So new member Raymond Johnson was brought into the scene joining the group.

But the song that put them back on track… You guessed it “Hurry Up This Way Again,” was the song that breathe the life back into the group and placed #18 on the top 20 charts.

Johnson left the group in 85′  from there the group now a trio continued on touring until 2000, when Russell Thompkins, Jr had left.

The group was pretty badass to say the least but have  listen and check out the song that took me what I say… 30 years to finally figure out it’s true meaning


(Video Credit: Slayd5K)

The Stylistics

(By: Jaye Irons)

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