Bobby Brown Gets D.U.I Followed By Jail Time!

Bobby Brown Gets D.U.I Followed By Jail Time!


It seems like every time Bobby Brown comes up in the news, it’s always something usually bad. Apparently Brown will be serving a 55 day jail sentence for a DUI (Driving Under the influence of alcohol) he scooped up back in October. 

And if that wasn’t already enough to deal with, he was already on probation  for a  previous DUI sometime before the one in October. So when you think about it, Brown already had crossed the line for the first conviction for driving while intoxicated so the judge of course will look at this and just pretty much say to themselves.

Well he’s not a teen anymore, or first time offender at an early stage of life (Early-20’s) this is an adult who just needs to ‘get it together’.

And then the judge probably just dropped the hammer, and with the dropped hammer came a dropped 55 day lock-up sentence to make the package deal complete for Brown.

Along with that, a deluxe package set up will be a 4 year probation sentence issued from the judge to Brown.

Brown did plead no contest to the charges, and he also added more unnecessary weight to his record as he was driving on a suspended license..

Wow, Brown knows how to stur up the judge on this matter LOL, I’ll give him that much.

He must also get ready to attend AAA meetings as required by law, which he will go to once a week. He will start his time in the 5 X 9 cell of confinement (Jail), on March 20th.

So all together he basically must get through a 18 month-long alcohol treatment program which the judge ordered as a part of his sentence.

Now how this all started goes like this, Brown got pulled over by a police officer back in October, after the officer noticed that Brown’s car was erratically maneuvering side ways back nad forth.

This of course makes anybody a target right off (Amanda Bynes Can Attest To That).

He had an alcohol of 0.12% so he was 0.04% over the allowed limit. He also got into more trouble as the he was caught on the cell phone along with his drunken situation by the cops. That could have put him away for more than two months, so he was lucky to dodge that bullet.

And the more weird thing about Brown’s ordeal at that time, was taking place around the same time Whitney Houston (Brown’s Ex-Wife) had accidentally drowned in her bathtub, after fatal heart complications involving cocaine usage. And even so Brown and Houston’s marriage suffered for a long-standing time also involving cocaine use, plus Brown getting into trouble for domestic abuse against Whitney.

They eventually divorced each other after 14 years of marriage. They have a daughter by the name of  Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Maybe after all this Brown may tune it down, and hopefully stay out of the ‘Angry Eyes’ of the law for a long time LOL.

(Video Credit: hitcreatormusic)

Bobby Brown Gets D.U.I Followed By Jail Time!

(By: Jaye Irons)

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