“Mega Man”

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So here you are a brilliant scientist named Dr. Light, and you have been building this prototype robotic creation. Now if it was an experiment of the Military, LOL you could bet your bottom dollar it would be an instrument of warfare proportions.

But Dr. Light had another idea, he built this cybernetic robotic man in hopes of saving the world from the evil clutches of a super-villian and madman Dr. Wily. Wily was sinister indeed, and he wanted to get his hands on Light’s creation and turn Megaman into unstoppable force , that could easily take over the world no time flat.

But Light programmed Megaman to be obedient, and it was not likely that Wily would be able to convert him into his ranks.

As a result Wily like Light had talents of cybernetics himself, so what does he do to even the odds you might say? Simple he just builds his own robot to counter Light’s creation (Megaman).

To be precise Wily actually would create multiple cybernetic humanoids if you will, to wreak havoc and chaos on the world itself. And although Megaman wasn’t not to be a battle robot, and more towards a service bot that was engineered to assist Light in building and constructing different inventions. Inventions that were geared to helping mankind.

Light had to prepare Megaman by modifying him, to dew battle with Wily’s destructively twisted creations.

So what Megaman most do for each of the robots that Wily created, was to go after them and hunt them down wherever they congregate. Which wasn’t easy, because in order to get to these cyber bosses he would first have to battle it’s helpers (Sub-Bosses)… Hey it’s never easy just for the hero to walk in and get it done in 25 minutes right?

The game itself can be beat in a matter of hours to be honest (Well I Would Fly Through It Too Fast LOL), but most games now have more content to them so unlike it was 25 years ago where games like Megaman was just so simplistic and short in gameplay.

But there was things about Megaman, that made him a very popular character in the game itself.

Even though he would face a variety of killer powerful cyber bots, some ranging in different abilities and powers.

My favorite was Bombman which can leap his ass off, if a professional basketball team needed a power slammer (Dunking), it would be him definitely haha.

A second favorite would be Cutman, he looks humanoid like Megaman except his power wasn’t a power “Per Se,” but he had these sharp sheers blades in the shape of a “Pac-Man” C-shape attached to his head and could detach them when he goes to throw them at an enemy and they return to the base (His Head) in attached position.

His sheers can cut through a thick log tree like butter.

But Megaman power was very unique, after he defeats any of the robots that he goes after, he can convert their powers adding them to his own.

So basically, he has the ability to mimic the powers of the other cyber bot he takes out and intakes their powers. (I’ll find a video to show you better).

He has atomic molecular fusion ability best way to explain it.

He also has this cannon blaster on his arm, and can shoot out what is called buster bullets which are like energy blasters.

These are just 2 of the 6 robots that Megaman faces in the original Megaman game that came out back in December of 1987. In later installments of the game, Light decided that he should create another robot to help him around his laboratory while Megaman would go off to face other evil creations that Wily would create and unleash in hopes to control the world and declare himself dictator.

Enter “Roll” Girl bot housekeeper and Megaman’s sister that light created. Roll possess tools in her arm that can loosen bolts or tighten them, she basically is classified as a fix it bot, that can cook,clean, etc..

The game overseas when it was created in Japan where it orginated, was called “Rockman,” and the U.S. called it Megaman.

And after all this time the game is still making waves, because of all it’s installments that have kept the game going on for all this time.

So take a look at this Ancient NES game (Nintendo Enterainment System), and take gilmpse into Megaman’s weird ass world…

“Bombman’s Level” 25 Years of Megaman”

Mega Man

(By: Jaye Irons)

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