3-Way Slice: Space X Rocket Engine No.5 Embarrassing Defect / “The Botched Scotch Diaries”/ Rory McIlroy “Bluetooth Blues”

Space X Rocket Engine No.5 Embarrassing Defect


So the first ever commercial rocket not a NASA rocket,was set to launch and link up with the international space station. But things didn’t go exactly as planned, when the rocket in the mists of it’s lift off did just the opposite. It didn’t go anywhere!

Now I have to say that is just down right embarrassing, and I know the designers of that rocket and the maintenance crew wanted to go bury their heads in the sand with the camels LOL.

It’s moments like that, which will be placed in the “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (Achieve Edition) and Woody Allen would probably wind up being the host of the show haha. (Yea He’s A Barrel Of Laughs… Just To Look At That Is).

Engine No.5 inside the rocket had failed to activate safely, a high pressure reading had registered at the red level and the whole mission had to be aborted at that point for safety measures.

The company which prepared the rocket engines and maintenance, will troubleshoot the matter and try to correct the issue of the engine failure.

The thing is too this program is funded by “private investing companies,” and I’m sure they want to get their money’s worth out of the program. Let’s face it, to shoot a huge rocket into space has to be mad unbelievable cash involved in the program itself. 

So yea that much cash flow, would be heart breaking if it was to just go to waste, and yea it also wastes our money because well.. We are tax paying citizens of the U.S. LOL so do the math on that one.

But even though this is a set back for the plan to launch the rocket out into space and sync up with the international space station, it will be another attempt of the scheduled flight next week.

“The Botched Scotch Diaries”


So somehow some way shape or form, over thousands of liters of fine whiskey (40% Proof Dam That Sucks) got tossed out like your every Tuesday or whatever day your garbage goes out to be collected and dumped out in the garbage truck.

At the Chivas Brothers whiskey facility out in Dumbarton.. Wait a minute, the name of the town starts off with the word dumb and the whiskey facility threw away thousands of litres of fine high life alcohol out the garbage chutes into the good old natural drinking water into the wherever yonder..

Well now that sounds intelligent, I’m just saying LOL, (I Couldn’t Resist The Name “Dumb… then the word Barton Follows haha).

But the whiskey that was accidentally dumped out, is noted to be the second best in the world.

And if anything, the managers and more in likely the owner had to be off somewhere banging their heads against a brick-red wall in frustrated anger over that loss.

(Whiskey Ain’t Cheap These Days, Even A Penny Has More Value In Terms Of Someone Needing That Extra Cent For A Purchase).

But because of that mix up, safety concerns of species that roam through the water might be effected by the blunder.

(Drunk Fish Oh Boy What Next, Strawberry Shortcake Bakes A Chocolate Cake By Accident LOL Not On Her Watch!)

They actually meant to flush out the waste that was left over, after the process whiskey was ready to be shipped out to bars, liquor stores, etc.. Well as the “Soup Nazi” would say in Seinfield but this references whiskey..No 40% Proof Whiskey For You!

And it is messed up to have to take a loss like that, losing over 4,755 gallons… I’m just thinking who might be catching a genuine “Cannonblast” for that mix up.


Sewers were detected of heavy odors from the alcohol that was dumped, which blended in with dirty water waste in underground tunnels. And the effects can be devastating to water treatment processes, because now you have all the wasted whiskey mixed in with the whole works.

More work now out in Dumbarton, and for anyone else in that area that a sewer drainage monitor worker. And don’t drink the water to soon LOL, you might feel a bit “Tipsy” especially if you have to pull a 12 hour shift at the job and you accidentally get wasted haha.

But hey if the supervisor thinks you are wasted, you got a new line to throw at them so just say.. 

Usually you can blame it on the alcohol boss, but this time blame it on Dumbarton.” 

(Click The Link Below To Learn More About The Dumped Scotch)

“Chivas Brother’s Whiskey Gets Dumped”

Rory McIlroy “Bluetooth Blues” 


It seems like Rory McIlroy has not been having the best of luck in his recent golfing profession. And this time it wasn’t a windy day that would mess up a golf game, or a heckler that gives a golfer far away audio mocking grief or discomfort in other to see their favorite win.

It was McIlroy’s tooth that gave him something to think about, and it wasn’t going on to win the golf tournament at hand.

The tooth was screaming with the silent pain to go get a dam Dentist quick.

So McIlroy quit the tournament I guess to meet up with the local dentist, (Sears Dental Outlet) haha maybe… But who can be for sure, unless you’re Rory McIlroy.

Now McIlroy did reply to his reason about the sudden quit episode rendered during the golf tournament, Claiming that his tooth started bothering him the night before, and he took the recommended dosage of Advil. 

He did say that he had the intentions, to defend his Honda Classic title. But said his results have not been up to standards, and having regret the fact that he walked away from the tournament (He Quit Before Making It To The Ninth Hole).

He even told reporters that he was not in a good place mentally, as he walked out into the parking lot going to his car.

McIlroy was then asked was something wrong, (Addressing To Him The Fact Of Getting His Swing Stuck) .. He said, “Yeah, I don’t know what going on.”

He so far stuck out at 3 season starts, starting from withdrawing from the Honda Classic, before that he lost the first round at WGC-Accenture match play, and at the top of the key he missed the cut at Abu Dhabi.

He is scheduled to play at the WGC-Cadillac Championship next week and he signed a contract with Nike for a $20 million multi-year deal.

3-Way Slice: Space X Rocket Engine No.5 Embarrassing Defect / “The Botched Scotch Diaries” / Rory McIlroy “Bluetooth Blues

(By: Jaye Irons)

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