What Is Up With Paris Hilton… Poses While boyfriend Lay Injured?

What Is Up With Paris Hilton… Poses While Boyfriend Lay Injured?


You know whatever Hilton does in the spotlight nowadays, doesn’t seem to be a big deal at all to me. But this one that she pulls to get press in the media makes me question her mental stability all together. So Hilton and her boyfriend model River Viiperi were on a ski outing apparently celebrating Hilton’s 32nd birthday in Lake Tahoe, California.

Hilton hit the tweeter site and share a few tweets saying: “Just got out of the Hosiptal with River Viiperi,” She tweeted Feb.18. “He was doing a high jump while skiing and the ski sliced his leg! 19 stitches! Oww!” 

Then she goes on to say.. “Such a sacry day on the slopes today.”

But the photo taken of Viiperi, she didn’t seem all to bothered about the accident. LOL in fact she seemed to be soaking up all the exposure all together. 

And that’s the thing about her I don’t understand, it just seems like everything isn’t really taken seriously with Hilton..

LOL I remember when she was order to serve 45 days in jail, after she violated probation rules that were handed down to her by a judge.

And while in jail, she was not to be allowed any work release, furloughs, use of an alternative jail or electronic monitring in lieu of jail.

That was what Supreme Judge Michael T. Sauer had slapped Hilton in the face with when she was sentenced.

And she cried and complianed about it for a few days, (I’m Sure She Wasn’t Subjected To Any Harsh Forth Comings In Jail, LOL After All She’s “The Heiress” Paris Hilton).

She got in trouble, because of her reckless driving behind the wheel while intoxicated, and like Bobby Brown just got into trouble he also has to now serve 55 days in jail. Both earning the DUI award, for their drunken efforts.

Then she was suppose to serve jail time up to 90 days in a Lynwood suburban jail, by the judges ruling. But the judge excluded her from paying to serve time in a jail of her choice. 

Then came the bombshell that was really dropped in her lap hard, when she got pulled over by an officer that told her to sign a document that stated her license was suspended.

So she signs it even though she believes he was mistaken about the suspended license and didn’t really take the time to read the document.

So I guess that’s why some celebrities let their people do all the heavy foot signing from them LOL, because in Hilton’s case on that matter she is a sitting duck in a shooting gallery haha.

And like this situation with Viiperi, she was striking her poses as she was being carted off into the slammer like it was just another typical day in the life of Paris “Her Heiress” Hilton.

Some of the other prisoners complained about her getting special “perks” (Favortism) while in the slammer. One of the prisoners said.. She wouldn’t last more than five minutes in an actual jail cell with the tough girls inmates.

Yea I think they would have dogged her out badly indeed, and if that was the case she would have been ‘mentally adjusted’ coming out a different person.

But let’s face it, the girl got off easy. And when she did get out of jail, she still was striking her poses like it wasn’t a care in the world.

But hey what do you expect, it’s Paris Hilton.. And in her world everything stops for her.. 

NOTE: (But Only In Her World.. haha)

What Is Up With Paris Hilton… Poses While Boyfriend Lay Injured?

(By: Jaye



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