Baby Cured Accidentally From HIV Infection?

Baby Cured Accidentally From HIV Infection?


Sometimes in life things happen for a reason, we can’t explain why or how things end up the way they do. Most people just chalk it up as “Luck“, or like someone at a casino that  hit the jackpot big and others sitting nearby at a gambling table or craps table may witness that persons’ triumph.

And they usually say, “Oh they were just lucky that’s all.”

Well in this case of a newborn out in Jackson,Mississippi. It was a new turn in the fight against HIV & AIDS, as both a newborn and her mother were both cured of the life threatening virus that has claim the lives of hundreds of thousand people for years.

A cure that was deemed accidental, which was said by Doctors at the facility. And it was suggested that the cure baby and mother might have been cure while in the early stages of the HIV virus.

So what does this all mean in the meantime?

  • Is there a for sure cure?
  • Some people thought the Government was hiding a conspiracy, not wanting the mass public who has the virus to be cured..
  • And now that this could be a major turn against fighting the virus, how valuable will the vaccine be if fully concocted would cost people in need of it..

Yea it does throw up the basic questions right off, and in this country where everything takes money to turn deaf ears unless you’re rolling in the dough LOL… Well you see the picture.

And then check it out, they also saying just because this girl has been cured of her disease, it doesn’t mean that there will be truck loads of the vaccine going out to the masses in any time soon you see.

And when you hear that the first thing you think to yourself is.. What is the Government planning?

It may not be the first set of questions in your mind, but you will dance around it sooner or later no doubt.

Because everything that goes either through the FDA (Food Drug Administration), is definitely monetized haha.

See there’s big time revenue in this, not just for the Government, you have other places in the world who would love to get their grubby paws all over that cure.

And I’ll even go out on a limb and, pull the banks into the mix because hey –Money talks– Bull***t walks– (Even though nobody has yet to see the two be able to do those things haha).

So now you have the medical community going outright ape s**t, all over this whole situation of trying to find the combinations of medicine (Which I’m Guessing Is In Pill Form) to reconstruct the elements to form the proper vaccine that helped that newborn baby.

All they know is that there are 3 types of drugs, that was given to the girl and her mother which helped them to overcome the virus for good.

Does sounds exciting to the ears, but the cost of that medication… Well it could be pretty steep indeed.

Professor and AIDS researcher Diane Havlir, who attended a presentation of the new study Monday in Atlanta said: “This is really a groundbreaking report.”

Indeed it is, but only time will tell of any other plans and further research that will be done on this matter. So for now it is a big step in the fight against, a plague-like virus that at one time was said to be incurable.

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Baby Cured Accidentally From HIV Infection?

(By:Jaye Irons)

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