Casey Anthony Comes Out Of Hiding Finally..

Pic-03052013-010Casey Anthony Comes Out Of Hiding Finally..

After two years it seems that Casey Anthony have just fallen off the face of the earth, and when she did come out she definitely was not about to receive any embraced arm wrap welcomes from anybody.

Because the fact of the matter that still stands from back then, did she do the unthinkable?

Did she kill her daughter in cold blood, or does she know who and where her daughter was taken to?

Most people of course strongly believe that she had a big fat hand in Caylee’s murder.

But she is basically faced with the same situation like the infamous “Octomom“, as she now nears toward the path of bankruptcy.

She knows that she has to get money somehow, but her finding a job LOL… I DON’T THINK SO..

And it wouldn’t surprise if she does what Suleman did, go into the adult industry to make revenue.

Anthony basically said that she has been staying with friends, as she does not pay rent, and she doesn’t pay utilities.

So right she faces a whooping $800,000 debt to pay, and $500,000 that is to go to her lawyer. So I think she has $300,00 to actually pay for solid debt if you subtract the lawyer fees.

Anthony did a YouTube vid last year shorting a short blonde hair style, but after 2 yrs she has now went back to the brown hair she had during her trial.

A short fiasco from the courthouse Monday, turned into a short scene of anger on the part of her lawyer Charles Greene. As he yelled at the media to stop drilling her for answers about her trail and her daughter’s death.

And her lawyer also went to the courthouse to help Anthony, to go through the bankruptcy process (Filing For Chapter 7).

And that of course means you are granted a fresh start, debt free.

But the thing that also is just messed up, it was even said even if Anthony was to come out and admit that she did have anything to do with her daughter’s death.

She wouldn’t be found guilty, only because of course she was already tried once.

And it was the question during her trail that Google web searches was found on the family’s computer, that does show evidence that someone (More Likely I Think Casey Anthony) was searching for ways to commit a murder.

But the lawyer defending her, managed to keep that aspect of the trial in her favor and thus Anthony was acquitted of charges that she killed Caylee.

Anthony’s trial has been the most watched and anticipated trial of the century, watched by millions of people as most of the broadcast on the story was live. Ultimately leading up to her being excluded of murder, manslaughter, and child abuse charges.

(Video Credit: compromizer)

Casey Anthony Comes Out Of Hiding Finally..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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