O.J. Simpson Gets Knocked Out In Prison

O.J. Simpson Gets Knocked Out In Prison 


The “Juice” has been in prison for 5 years now, and it seems that some of his buddy inmates are talking about a few things behind his back.

Now just last week or so, it was reported that he got into a scuffle in the joint (A.K.A. Prison). And was a riot that broke out, and Simpson was caught in the middle of it. 

One of the inmates was going to come at Simpson with a shiv (Makeshift Knife), and probably wanted slice and dice up some turkey LOL.

So I guess Simpson was going to be the turkey, and I guess the dressing wasn’t invited to the party.

But this isn’t the first time Simpson has been in some fight night battles while in the can, he got into a fight with a “KKK” member in prison. Which was said to be an all out “Death Match’.

But there’s still more talk, it was also said that the juice was going soft?.. Wha– the fook?..

So this comes up in the “National Inquirer,” making reference that he has been spending so much time in the can. He now is turning over the other side of the leaf..

Now the National Inquirer has been known to fabricate some silly sh*t in their stories LOL, but from the sources in jail suggest other… Who really knows but Simpson himself or his so-called secret lover.

(I Mean Look At What Happened To Richard Speck, The Nurse Killer. He Got A Titty-Job While In The Slammer For Life… LOL), and to make it worse Speck had an interview with Bill Kurtis in an hour tv special. In the middle or toward the middle of the interview, this guy just comes up and starts playing with dude’s breasts LOLLOLLOLOLL.

Bill Kurtis (Famed News Reporter CBS-TV) didn’t break from character while he talked to Speck, and just kept on asking him questions in the interview. (Yea That Was F**ked Up Too See Haha).

But in the case of O.J., his friends that was speaking out about him turning to the other side, was at one time deemed quite the ladies man back then. But being around dudes 24/7, crossed up some wiring in his head.

There also some leaked talks about Simpson calling up some friend on the day of the Super-Bowl game, and kept going on and on about Auquan Boldin from the “Ravens”.

Simpson was apparently sharing what seemed like some serious “overly man crush compliments”, about the way Boldin played in the event.

His friend was starting to get uncomfortable around him really fast LOL… 

And Simpson went to jail for stealing his “Sports Memorabilia”, with the help of accomplices. He confessed to wanting to get back his sporting goods back form when he played professional football.

He also is serving time for charges that were linked to him from the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, for 33 year jail sentence. He will have the chance for parole in 2017.

(Video Credit: thepenrev)

O.J. Simpson Gets knocked Out In Prison

(By: Jaye Irons)

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