Another Teacher In Hot Water!

Another Teacher In Hot Water!! Pic-03062013-019

LaShawn Simmons, 41, has resigned from her job due to allegations of sexual relations with under aged minors. The former middle school teacher at Beverly Hills Intermediate School in Texas, was confronted about the allegations by the school board. She now faces criminal charges, for having intercourse relations with as many as 3 out of 4 minors that were students that attended the school.

One of the students said that she would, offer them to come spend time with her at her apartment, and would pick them up from the school bringing them to her place for sexual orientation. 

Amongst the list of things pointing further evidence against Simmons were, messages sent from her computer (Facebook Explicit Texts) to students she was targeting.

Investigators even found nude photos of herself, that was sent out as well to the minors.

None of the male students’ names were released, because of the age and the fact that they are now classified as victims of sexual assault that was dealt by Simmons.

Another student said, that she would even cook for him at her apartment, would send him text messages to his phone from hers, and has invited him to her place on a few occasions.

Now the Police has been building a case against Simmons more than 2 months prior before coming forth with charges against her.

And a leak of information from a parent, that reported seeing inappropriate Facebook messages that was sent from Simmons to their kid.

Simmons is facing sexual assault of a child, and possession of child pornography which all were found by investigators on her home computer.

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Another Teacher In Hot Water!

(By: Jaye Irons)

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