Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law!!!…

Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law!!!…


Harvey Birdman at first was a Superhero show that came on back in the 60′s and it’s creators Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter revived the long time cartoon show into a comedy based spinoff of itself, that included characters from the famed Hanna-Barbera cartoon productions.

 The “Attorney At Law,” part of the show which started up as a test pilot show. Testing the waters of it as a comedy to see if it could stay afloat under the sit-com laugh it up  half hour show, which was aimed at an more adult type audience and this was back in 2000.

Pic-03082013-012 Adult Swim then picked up the pieces in 01′ of the funny cartoon show, and ran it in their roster of late night cartoon after hours comedy.

Thus making the once superhero Harvey Birdman a total idiot Lawyer,and he always have falcon (A Giant Purple Bird “Falcon 7“  That Types For Him On A Typewriter Like A Secretary) around him, and they sometimes don’t see eye to eye with each other.

 And even some of the other characters like Birdboy and Birdgirl

(Birdgirl which is his lone lost daughter that he didn’t know about till later tries to come on to her LOL so it was like “Blind Reversed Incest.”)


Until he realizes that she wasn’t just some girl dressed up in a bird Superhero outfit similar to his, and that goes for Birdboy  as well that he knew 100% WAS his actual son. (As They So Say). 

The show itself borrows characters from the world other famous Hanna-Barbera similars in episodes , and then spins a comical parody if you will off of them into a justified “Harvey Birdman Type” twenty something minute clip.


With twists and turns involving both the Lawyer (Harvey Birdman), trying to defend the whomever  HannaBarbera animated guest (Like Apache Chief  A Super Friend, Superhero Who Gets Comically and Wickedly Get Injured From A Coffee Spill That Falls Into His Lap Hitting The Wrong Spot Area LOL).


And then calls for “The Birdman,” to represent him as his Lawyer in a civil suit case against the “Javalux Company,” for personal damages that keep him from becoming a giant[Which Is His Power He can Grow And Shrink haha].

And Harvey also calls out for witnesses, to back up Apache Chief’s claims of injury LOL. A list of his allies that will serve as witnesses are a group of minor league superheroes (Several Of Them And Jesse Jackson, LOL You Heard Me Right And Jesse Jackson HAHA S**t) are his backup star witnesses.

The show was just wild and hilarious, as it would depict different and strange situations using these animated character icons that people knew from other cartoon shows that are put into some ridiculously jacked up positions. And it would take the ‘Miracle’ workings of Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, to swoop in and save the day all the while making a complete idiot of himself in the process hahaha…

I’ll provide a link below for you to see him messed up in action!! Enjoy.

Apache Chief Gets Support In His case From The “Multi-Culture Friends” and Jesse Jackson!

Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law!!


(By: Jaye Irons)


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