Kratos Is Coming Back Again For More?..

Kratos Is Coming Back Again For More?.. Pic-03092013-007

Well lets face it, Kratos is just that type of guy you CANNOT keep down. Let’s face it the guy has been through so much s**t, killed so many people including his own family. Killed the crap out of any titans that even remotely thinks to stand in his way.

Scared the living daylights out of the Olympian Gods, got his revenge by killing Zeus himself, (Even Though Zeus Killed Him First In The Second Installment, But Even Then Kratos Returns With Help Of Course). In the last one he just basically shut down Mount Olympus, to the point were he causes total chaos and the ‘literal’ destruction of the world .

And getting his hands on the box of ‘Pandora’, just totally sealed the deal. The magical gifts that the gods didn’t want to leak out to the masses of followers now awoke to their deceptive ways to keep the mortals ignorant and disobedient, had finally shifted tides.

The only other God left or Goddess actually was Athena (Goddess Of Wisdom). And at the end of the last game install, she strongly suggests the gifts locked away in the “Pandora Box” be given to her after Kratos defeats Zeus her father.

But Kratos does not comply, which leaves Athena in complete anguish at Kratos and finally leaves his side after he commits suicide.

Part 4 Picks Up Form Where 3 Left Off..

Pic-03092013-008There was a review of the game by Santa Monica Studios, for up to thirty days. The demo version was only so long to play though, just a few minutes basically.

But four starts off six months after Kratos murdering his family (Wife & Daughter), and this takes place ten years prior to the first God Of War game itself. And the game-play starts off with Kratos jailed and chained in shackles, as he suffers for breaking his blood oath with Ares (The God Of War).

But more so in this God Of War game coming up, this will focus on Kratos young years. As he is being tortured by the Fury Megara , in the process of the torturing Kratos she accidentally freed him from captivity.

And LOL if you know Kratos, he will seek you out for revenge count on it!

Because of Megara’s situation now at hand, she awakens Aegaeon for help to kill Kratos no doubt.

But come on here, we’re talking about Kratos… LOL… If a giant “Statue Of Rhodes” can’t stop him like the one depicted above in the picture that he is fighting.

Then surely Megaera is simply S**t Out Of Luck!! Haha.

But the game itself will have the similar gameplay like it’s previous installments, and the story on how this will be built is very interesting.

Especially the fact that Kratos did kill himself in the last one (Part 3).

God Of War 4 hits the shelves in this month of March, so be on the look out for it..

(Video Credit: Rev3Games)

Kratos Is Coming Back Again For More?..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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