Six Teens Killed Two Hurt SUV Disaster Crash..

Six Teens Killed Two Hurt SUV Disaster Crash..Pic-03102013-008

Eight teens crashed into a guard rail this Sunday morning and the vehicle they were riding in had flipped over into a swamp out in northeastern Ohio.

Two of the six teens had escaped, but the others had died in the crash (Two other fifteen year-old teens dead later at a hospital).

the SUV (Honda Passport) had steered off to the left side of the road, and as a result struck the guard rail which caused the vehicle to overturn.

Police on the scene said the truck was sitting upside down in the swamp and had sunk into with five of the teens trapped within the sport utility vehicle, another teens was thrown out of the SUV and winded up trapped underneath it in the water.

The other two teens that escaped the crash, then ran to get help and call 911 the highway patrol had reported.

Lt. Anne Ralston (Highway Patrol Officer) said that there wasn’t enough information to go on to determine how the crash had transpired, nor it wasn’t information on where the teens were exactly headed.

At the area of the crash, a pile of blue, green & copper-red stuffed bears were placed, in memory of the teens who were involved in the crash.

One of the teens was just about to start playing football in high school.

Two of the teens that were brought to St. Joseph Health Center, and were in full cardiac arrest had died after being under the cold water for a period of time they suffered from complications of hypothermia.

the other two that survived were released from the Center, for bruising and minor injures.

The other teens that died in the crash were ranging in ages of 14 to 19 yrs old..

Six Teens Killed Two Hurt SUV Disaster Crash..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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