Justin Bieber: Broken Promises To Fans

Justin Bieber: Broken Promises To Fans

Pic-03112013-001Well there  are some unhappy fans out in Portugal, because they won’t be seeing their favorite superstar perform in concert.

Justin Bieber apparently cancelled his concert tour debut, which he was scheduled to perform out in Portugal. 

Bieber was going to perform two days originally for his concert event, but instead will be performing one day only which is today.

This reason being is because it was too much of a demand on Bieber to perform the concert event for the second day, and thus was cancelled or better phrased “insufficient demand” (Which Was Reported By Agence France-Presse).

And he ran into more brick walls with the London concert debut.

Bieber reportedly arrived at the scheduled event two hours late, which cause some of the fans to leave early because some could not stay for the late show start.

During a another show debut, Bieber had to walk off stage in the mist of a his performance to receive an oxygen treatment in the backstage area. After that he had to go to the hospital for further evaluation.

And things just got UGLY, during his last performance in London, as Bieber gets into a heated episode with the ever-so-relentless-common enemy of his the “Paparazzi”.

Bieber was in a video where he told off the Paparazzi LOL, and advanced that language in some choice words to heed by.

After the fiasco out in London Bieber sent out a tweet saying that all the drama was.. “Crazy Stuff.”

As of now, no further details on the cancellation of his second day planned showing of the event.

But knowing Bieber, he’ll tweet something about it sooner or later.. LOL.

(Selena Is Calling Bieber A Douchebag??)

Justin Bieber: Broken Promises To Fans

(By: Jaye Irons)

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