D.C. Drive By?.. Wow So What’s Next The Pentagon?

D.C. Drive By?.. Wow So What’s next The Pentagon?


Pic-03122013-004I just don’t get it, what the f**k is wrong with these people LOL.

Alright here we go.. There were thirteen people who were shot in a drive-by shooting.

The vehicle that the shooter was driving, was a grayish Sedan vehicle & joining it is a BMW vehicle that are under the microscope as of now.

Police have stated to the citizen in the community, if they have seen anything or saw what had taken place in the early morning hours Monday.

People were seen scrambling like crazy to find cover, and kicking at doors to shield themselves from the array of whizzing bullets.

The two vehicles were speeding through the street of North Capitol, just shooting bursts of projectile bullets at more than a dozen individuals.

The shooting had taken place at the Tyler House apartment building, and it seems like ‘certain’ neighborhoods such as the (west/south) side area of Chicago the violence has gotten out of hand.

So thirteen people winded up either gazed or struck in the arms / legs, from the ordeal.

Then of course came the questions that Police were undoubtedly puzzled about…

  • What was the motive?
  • Were the shootings gang related?
  • Who can we go ask about it?

Well honestly, that last one they might as well just [X] off the list LOL s**t.

You know no one will spill the beans on the possible culprits, that just went “Guns Gone Wild” about the matter.

And that’s a shame, it’s just to the point that people are too afraid to say anything… anymore.

Kinda like in Death Wish 3 with Charles Bronson (Great Movie), in that movie he had to basically take out a gang single-handedly that was terrorising a community in where else… No other than Chicago. Haha. Ironic yea?

Some of the residents that stay at the Tyler House out in D.C., just want to leave straight out..

Like Tonya Brigdes, she wants to leave because she knows that it will not be safe to live like that where she is at. And the fact that she has a kid on the way, because she is 9 months pregnant.

She said soon as she saves up enough money, she is leaving the area.

But on another note, the focus point of this could be the construction of new expensive condominiums, new grocery markets, and of course the restaurants, that are also in production.

So maybe that could be a reason right there, so of the same thing in Chicago with the “Robert Taylor” homes or the infamous “Cabrini Green” apartments both now gone and replaced with either one of the three I just mentioned in D.C. 

But Police feel that the shooting might be drug related (Just What I Would Think Myself), they are continuing an investigation to find out more about the details of the incident.

D.C. Drive By?.. Wow So What’s Next The Pentagon?


(By: Jaye Irons)






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