Sharing Something With My Fellow Bloggers…

Sharing Something With My Fellow Bloggers…

I’ve been on the internetical airways for a little while, and I can remember when I first got started blogging, LOL had trial and errors up the ass let me just point that out when I first did it.

I’d thought I would never get deceit at it either, but then I came across a video, and I viewed the video over and over till it just stuck in my head like a big fat migraine haha.

After the experience of my heavy thoughts, I started thinking to myself dam I can learn how to do this I know I can and I just need to push harder for it.

And me being super persistent (I Do Annoy Myself Sometimes Beating Myself Down Like That But H***l That’s Just How I Am). But same time.. 

I’m just overly determined to make something work, most people that want something so bad  they’ll push extra hard to get what they want.

Two people in particular that caught my attention was Rebecca 2000 (“Lady or Not Here I Come”).

And Leslie Carter (“Bucket List Publications“).

These young ladies are just Awesome, they have share likes with me on the topic I have discussed and it makes me happy to see great readers observe and take in the information I put out to help others.

Or just kick back and talk about world issues which ever the case may be.

Keeping people informed, and trying to keep people entertained…

I do this to put some shine into people’s hearts and mind, in days like this you see where there is constant turmoil and it seems like people just lost their way pushing their faith out the window and just give up on themselves.

I hate to see that, back in 2009, I had a lot of problems to deal with and bear and really I didn’t expect to be sitting here right now blogging out to the public and masses in this world right now..

My situation is a little better now, things still go off the radar sometimes for me but I just don’t sit back and let it get me down.

Or feel that it was meant to be for me, to just accept the worst that was dealt to me and just ride the waves of life to wherever it takes me LOL.

I can’t do that you see, it’s just not who I am..

I always felt that my Father, didn’t understand me correctly, so I felt like a failure to him when I was a teen.

I didn’t fit in with other kids, so I just stayed to myself you see…

I really couldn’t see why I felt that something was wrong with me.. But it wasn’t nothing wrong with me, I understood that I was just different, then later I saw that being different makes one unique.

We all have that inside of us you know, but you have to find it and turn it on in your mind, then the rule of the physical which means the body shall follow the mind..

Yea I get deep into it the “Nitty Gritty“.

So basically I feel empowered to just take time to say that let all of you guys know, I appreciate you coming here to this site and believe me, if “Just Spit It Out Already,” either changes it’s name or if any adjustments are made different  it is my responsibility to let you know what’s what.

And believe me people I intend to do just that!! 

And umm.. stop off at Rebecca’s and Leslie’s sites they got something cooking and it smells pretty dam good..

Alright guys see ya soon..

Click the links to  Lady or Not Here I Come    and    Bucket List Publications

Man these girls are sexy..   🙂

Sharing Something With My Fellow Bloggers

1f183d8 (By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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