Lil’ Wayne Released From Hospital After Seizure Attack

Lil’ Wayne Released From Hospital After Seizure Attack 

Pic-03152013-006 The popular rapper known as Lil’ Wayne has been having episodes of seizure attacks, he went through a series of attacks while he was in the middle of filming a music video in L.A. 

He was then taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital, which he was released from the next day.

Wayne is working on his next release album called, “I Am Not a Human II which is targeted for March 26th.

But the seizure attacks he has been experiencing, seemed to be plaguing him continuously.

Last year in October, he went through an episode of attack while flying in a private jet.

The aircraft had to make an emergency landing out in Texas, and from there Wayne was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Pic-03152013-004 Wayne (Song Engineer) Short Insight 06′-08′

So between a 2 year span, Lil’ Wayne literally went on a tear performing and producing a series of mix types.

Wayne was basically showing his talents and skill set, for creating tracks that became very popular and boosting himself quickly up the rap music ladder charts in the U.S. 

he at one point was even given the title of ‘The Best Rapper Alive Tag’, by social groups and the media,

Some people did expect for him to have a crappy record release, on some of the song he did but that wasn’t the case they were successful so he basically prove some music critics wrong.

He angle on the style of rap music was modeled a Pop / Rap mix, then throwing in sometimes what seems like an echo auto tuned voice (Sound Device Of Some Sorts).

Wayne was inspired by the late Biggie Smalls, and one of his favorite characters was E.T. (I’m Thinking From The Movie).

So when he says the phrase… “I am so far from the others, I can eat my supper / get in my spaceship and hover.”

Yea LOL, that sounds like him indeed…

Lil’ Wayne Released From The Hospital After Seizure Attack

(By; Jaye Irons)

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