O.J. Simpson… The Story Before The Murders.

O.J. Simpson… Pic-03162013-002 The Story Before The Murders.. 

It has been almost 20 years since the murder of both Nicole Simpson, and Ron Goldman. And the topic is still under big time controversy, and that is largely due to the still today burning question…

Did O.J. Simpson murder both Nicole Simpson & Ron Goldman?

But this is a story that will be based on the short time events, that leads up to the moment of reckoning.

So let’s start here: 

O.J. Simpson and Nicole Simpson, was deemed a very happy couple and formed an ideal family with kids.

And it seemed that they were during fine.

But there was other things that had taken place in their relationship and marriage, it started to break down.

And both O.J. and Nicole, seemed to grow further apart like a violent earthquake splitting the ground into pushing apart the earth beneath one’s feet.

From here this would cause a chain of events, that would lead up to a unfortunate end for Nicole Simpson and same time place O.J. himself into a controversal stigma of either being an innocent man or a cold-blooded killer.

The Simpsons Events: “The Trigger Point”

At one point Nicole was in her mid-30’s and was divorced from O.J. Simpson, they had produced two kids Sydney and Justin Simpson.

As the relationship was hanging from a thread when they were married, O.J. & Nicole did try to work out their relationship issues only to come back to the conclusion of getting divorced…

After Nicole let O.J., she started to live in the fast line enjoying her life. 

Ron Shipp a friend of O.J. and Nicole, said that Nicole blow a fuse, and that something between her and O.J. just changed Nicole all together. 

He even said that she turned to drugs, and that could have really been the thing to push her over the edge.

Shipp went on saying that… “Here she is, one moment a faithful wife.. Then the next is rumors you’re hearing that she was doing coke and sleeping around . The whole thing it was really sad.”

So on the evening of the murder, Nicole had went to go see her daughter Sydney dance at her school show at “Paul Revere Middle School.”

And as you might aspect, O.J.also showed up to the event to see their daughter perform.

He heard that day that his affair with a girlfriend of his named Paula Barbieri was over. Pic-03162013-001

After the show O.J. went home, as Nicole had went to a family dinner at the “Mezzaluna Restraunt” where Ronald Goldman worked at.

                                                                                     (Paula Barbieri)

Goldman was seen coming and going at times from Nicole’s place on different occasions. So from here, Nicole brings home  the kids from the dinner. This is the focal point of which would lead to her murder in a short time frame period.                                 


Now there has been many angles of this story over the years, and really no one has the answers of what happened in the mist of the murders that took place.For the exception of Kato Kaelin(He Was Removed Due To The Fact That He Was Deemed Not “An Unsuitable Witness To Testify”).                                                                


(Kato Kaelin)

And one of the Prosecutors in the trial “Marcia Clark,” had declared him volatile and unstable.

From there the case then would play out to the crime scene itself, where Nicole Simpson was found with multiple stabs wounds and the same of Ron Goldman.

In Goldman’s case from what I gather, he did cross a thin line hanging around someone’s wife like that. Driving her car and showing up at places with her while driving her car to clubs and events of that nature… Yea not good at all.

See it’s ok, if you just have a conversation with someone who is married but that’s it. But it is inappropriate to hang around someone’s wife or even in O.J.’s case when he had an affair and he was married, you just can’t go there.

And as you see what it leads to…

  • Murder
  • Domestic Disputes
  • Dumb Bulls”t That Might Leave You Paralized Or Worse And It Constantly Reminds You (Was It Worth It?)

LOL is it really worth it, to cheat with someone who is married, and you take the risk of getting yourself killed over dumb sh*t?

But also why would somebody even go through the channels to kill a husband or wife (If The Case Is Fully Cracked Open On O.J. Murder Case As To Exactly What Happened), and wind up in jail for the rest of your life LOL..

Fuck that noise, just get a divorce and call it a day already haha…

But here check out some story relics of the classic murder case, that still holds weight in American history today..

(Click To Watch —O.J. Simpson “The Untold Story”)

O.J. Simpson… The Story Before The Murders.

(By: Jaye Irons)

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