Judge Judy In Trouble Wha.. The?

Judge Judy In Trouble Wha.. The?

Pic-03182013-006 She is known for her tough love in the court room, when she dishes out the verdict to both the plaintiff and the defendant in her courtroom.

But this time She’s in a rude awakening, as she will not be on her usual side of the bench but rather your everyday defendant in her very own court case.

This case matter focuses on some expensive China goods that were purchase at a basement bargain shop.

So the thing is a woman is claiming that Judge Judy has her China goods (Dish Dinnerware Set), that her ex-husband had went behind her back and sold her merchandise to the daytime famed T.V. Judge.

The Dinnerware itself runs for $500,000 easy… (Damn No Wonder The Woman Is Crying Wolf Like She Is Starring In The Howling Part 6 Sequel).

Yea that’s a lot of bread!

The woman was in the middle of a divorce with her husband, and he was a longtime executive producer of the “Judge Judy Show.”

She says that her husband had made a deal with Judy, going behind her back and selling the Judge her expensive China.

and she said that Judge Judy, will not give back her China, and she claims that Judy should just do the right thing and give her back her merchandise.

The lady also claimed that Judge Judy was very unsympathetic about the situation all together, and after she asked Judy about the China Judy had snappy comments that she threw back in the woman’s face telling her to just… Get Lost!

And told the woman that she is not to contact her ever again, prior to that statement she also told the woman that she is a judge and a lawyer.. So maybe she really means that she just won’t give back the woman’s dishes plain and simple.

Well I’m thinking off the top of my head umm… (Power Abuse) yea haha…

So keep in mind, now she is filing a suit against Judy, and the suit goes for $500 k’s ($500,000).

And that is in punitive damages

In a morning statement that Judge Judy released about the whole matter went like this…

“I don’t owe this lady a cent and if this 50 something year old woman would spend her time more productively at trying to find a job, instead of abusing the judicial system with frivolous lawsuits, we would all be a lot better off.”

LOL so basically Judy  is coming into the ring with the gloves off already, that other woman is gonna be in for the fight of her life on this one..

Judge Judy In Trouble Wha.. The?

(By: Jaye Irons)

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