The Great LV Protest Of 13′

The Great LV Protest Of 13′



Now there is a such thing as setting world records but LOL, “Guiness Book Of World Records“, would have had another entry into their acclaimed world record set book because in one day almost 100 (98 Protesters Got Arrested Out In Las Vegas).

The stamper of protesters were fed up with the Cosmopolitan casino, over the fact of the franchise casino is not giving them a valid contract. 

Because of the casino’s lack of interest if you will, about the workers who wanted, a raise, probably better benefits, and let’s not forget that oh so lovely 401 K LOL… (Only If It Matches A Dollar Of Course)..

And it was just earlier at the beginning of the year that 54,000 union members, said that “We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore,” like “Twisted Sister” would traditionally start off a concert opener with that iconic song without any doubt..

So yesterday was the day that these unionized members had risen to the occasion, and without any physical violence displayed.

And although the union members were trying to negotiate their terms to the management dept of the Casino facility, the real focus was the Deutsche Bank directly. Trying to bring about a compromise, the union members had spread over the grounds of the Casino all the way into the busy streets that started to block the rush hour traffic.

LOL these people aren’t JOKING, if they don’t want a raise then I don’t know what else to call that!

But that’s where the fun came to an end, because the Police showed up and yea they brought the zip-it-up-tie wrist cuffs and started to crash the protest rally party.

Some people that were not involved were pissed off that this occurred, and I guess that is because they were more in likely in a hurry haha.

Some other people though expressed some cheerful insight, encouraging the workers to stand up for what they want.

So maybe the split was [50 / 50] .. LOL one guy said that he was visiting to see a friend for their 40th birthday, and walked into the whole situation out of the blue and replied to the scene saying.. “I was surprised because I didn’t know this was an issue here. I come from a place where health care is free, so this is something completely foreign.”

Wow some people just get all the luck…

It’s just good that guy didn’t tell everybody in the crowd that he doesn’t have to pay for health care, they probably would have tested his theory and  hurting him to just get patched up again by his ‘free’ health care provider haha…

But one of the workers a woman named Corona said… “Every day, they try to ask for more things,” she said.

Most jobs are like that nowadays, it is a damn shame but what are you gonna do. 

Just do like Rocky, throw on some boxing gloves and duke it out till they give in..

If that’s not enough, throw in Clubber Lane with Rocky for the double whammy LOL.

The Great LV Protest Of 13

(By: Jaye Irons)

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