Kim Jong Un Family Edition Exposed..

Kim Jong Un Family Edition Exposed..

Pic-03222013-003Kim Jung Un is known to be a defiant dictator that can pretty much do what he wants it’s seems as of late.

From conducting nuclear test launches without any approval of otherly power factions, he hs definitely annoyed sanctioned to death of his arrogance and careless attitude.

But there is some things in the dictator’s life that to be kept secret, and the world is not to know the full details about his background and the “hush-hush” inside world of Kim Jung Un.

So basically it’s like this, Dennis Rodman the hall of famed former Chicago Bulls player went out to Un’s homeland to watch some basketball at a basketball game in Korea.

In the mist of the game, there was conversations between Rodman and Un in which Un share a secret to Rodman.

Un told Rodman, that he has a baby girl.

Now Un got married back in 2009, and during the marriage there was talks about the couple having a possible future heir to his communist dynasty but it wasn’t fully confirmed at the time.

The thing is some parts of Asia have a thing about a girl who becomes a young lady, and someday running an empire that is to be fit for a man.

It’s a viewpoint that has been that way in Asia and even over other parts of the world for centuries.

But the world has changed since those days, and in today’s world even tradition are changed.

Some traditions still hold grace, but never less things just aren’t the same anymore.

But in Kim Jong Un’s eyes, maybe he didn’t want his secret family life out there being discussed amongst the “Super-Powers” in the world like..

He might fill that his daughter may not be suitable for a dynasty built now, to be left to her in her future.

But in Rodman’s case of this matter, is that rumor has it… He told about Un’s little girl to the media.

Rodman also said that Un is just a kid and does not have any interest about starting up a war, and he suggested that Un (Unlike Saddam Hussein) would NOT want to take over the world.

So basically I guess what Rodman is saying, is that Un wants peace right? LOL well.. That remains to be seen of course, I mean having all that power and control at his finger tips being young and all haha..

But Kim Jung Un form what is said, loves the game of basketball, and has established a friendship with Rodman. Rumors has it, that they are planning a Summer Vacation together LOL. The question remains.. “Who’s booking the reservations at the Hyatt Regency Inn? Haha..

Kim Jong Un’s Family Edition Exposed..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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