New Pepsi Bottle Shape?

New Pepsi Bottle Shape?

Pic-03222013-001It’s been a long time since the popular Coke drink Pepsi, has motioned on any accounts to brandish a new look for it’s container appearance.

From the original Pepsi bottle shape from way back then, then the 12 0z. can shape not to mention various other sized can shaped products they had put their beverage drink into.

But now finally comes a new, they are going to put the drink into a brand new shape once again.

So now for nearly 20 years, Pepsi had stuck to the last physical outfit of their brand name drink.

But like the old saying goes, old tradition meets new tradition with a twist.

A spokeswoman Andrea Foote, says that the new Pepsi bottle will come in a 20-onuce. They are sold in your basic retail stores like CVS pharmacy etc…

And in April the new 16 oz. bottles will hit stores as well, the single will be focused on the other brands of Pepsi (Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, & Pepsi Next).

Foote also mention that it will take up to a year’s time for the new bottles to transgress completely in stores.

This will also put engineers in an enriched opportunity, as they will be needed to convert the new set-up for the bottled Pepsi drinks in manufacturing plants.

This will start out in New York first where the bottles will show up, then onto the Chicago area, California next, & finally Florida.

The Coca-Cola bottle are making a slight adjustment as well, their bottles will have a more “Easy Grip Friendly” to their bottle so it will be harder for one to drop. The previous Coca-Cola bottles had gripping issues then, and they are trying to eliminate that set back plus the neck of the bottle will be shortened as well.

But Pepsi has still taken some hit in the sell category, their sell have declined to some degree no doubt to health related issues of excessive acid intake into the body which can lead to health issue later in life.

But there are still may others who just love Pepsi, so I don’t think they have that much to worry about in terms about turning out a huge profit annually.

Plus they also have strong backing from other products that they converse through like; 

So on that note, they should be fine in terms of pulling in a healthy annual profit..

New Pepsi Bottle Shape?

(By: Jaye Irons)

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