300 Guns Taken By Cops..

300 Guns Taken By Cops..

Pic-03232013-002There was a time (1800’s) when the old west was wild, filled with lawmen and gunmen, that branded an old tradition… (They usually carry a gun or sidearm type weapon ready to blow each other away).

Yea it seems harsh, but that’s how the old west was fought back then. If you were a stranger and you roll into town without a firearm, not knowing what type of situation you could be facing LOL well… You’re pretty much f***ed.

But as time went on gun laws were more established to curve violence but if the laws made up to protect the innocent just failed anyway in the long run hence the situations in L.A. or New York, and yea that lovable Chicago who could even think to leave that city out of the equation.

But there is this one guy, who seems to have even the iconic marvel character “The Punisher” at a complete loss of words..

This guy Jay Steiner set a record by far, because I did a post before about those 300 missing guns right LOL.

Well the cops finally caught up to Steiner and they more in likely were armed to the T before pursuing this guy, because when they found him he had a s**t load of gun cache in his possession..

So here comes the run down list of what Steiner had stashed away for that rainy day…

  • First Off About 85 Illegal Handguns
  • Followed By 230 Shotguns (Smithen Westerns Unlikely Haha)
  • Mixed In With That Was Rifles
  • And The Cool-Whip Frosting On Top Of That Was Thousands Rounds Of Ammo

I mean damn, even Rambo would have to take a few steps back away from this guy in a shoot em up showdown battle right? Steiner was ready to take out the whole 52nd Batallion division that is located at [step the f**k off from me avenue at the intersection of –know your role boulevard– ].

Now the Cops had busted Steiner at his residence in Long Island, NY. And when they went into the guy’s house LOL, they probably almost tripped over a barricade of weapons that were just lying around the house all together..

The cops no doubt were pissed so far off, I surprised they just didn’t start shooting at this guy thinking that he might had a gun more in likely ready to duke it out in a fire fight.

But Steiner was REAL lucky, they just took him in after finding that much fire power in his home.

But of course the real reason he took the guns, was to sell them which is basically what he had intended..

But I have to say… If a burglar were to even try to break into this guy’s house LOL, that dude better be insured because no doubt he would have been showing up in the ER division of the hospital riddled with a lot of holes…

300 Guns Taken By Cops..

(By: Jaye Irons)

2 thoughts on “300 Guns Taken By Cops..

  1. I doubt he was a serious threat to public safety. Kind of like the guy who has a hundred cats in his house, or won’t throw anything away for 50 years until his house is filled with junk.

    But I seriously doubt he was really dangerous or a real threat. Just a compulsive person, like the guy who has too many pets.


    • LOL me and you know that he isn’t a menace, but the Cops don’t… So .. you know.. They probably walked into his house and walked straight into a sea of stolen guns, haha…

      And I would say they might get just a little itchy tigger finger ready, just in case..

      LOL I would hate to see if this guy lived in Chicago and had all the guns in his house like that.

      That wouldn’t be good.. 😦

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