“Pioneer Of A Weightlifting Industry Dies”..

“Pioneer Of A Weightlifting Industry Dies”..

Pic-03252013-001Most of the younger crowd today that are into the sport of Weightlifting might not really know exactly how the body building industry took off from the start.

Joe Weider was the Co-founder of the “International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) and partnered with his brother Ben Weider of the organization.

He also published several different body building magazines like..

From a very young age Weider, had a serious flair for bodybuilding and saw it as a way to educate others about physical health and well-being. 

So at 14 years-old, he took it upon himself to publish his first fitness magazine back in 1936.

He innovated what would be a dummy prototype “Weight Set,” that was built from your basic auto parts in a garage that were just lying around as a substitute means of spare parts.

He used car wheels and axles to construct barbells, and again doing this at 14 years old building the set of the family garage.

in the 50’s, Weider start creating various training workout courses introducing the “Weider System” to the bodybuilding world.

Weider also had brought his wife (Betty Weider) into his world of bodybuilding, and together the two formed an alliance and started up their own literal franchise built around the bodybuilding industry.

At that point Joe his wife Betty, and his brother Ben Weider, had created the International Federation of Bodybuilders in the 60’s

Weider even appeared in a movie with Hollywood icons Peter Graves and Charlton Heston in the movie called: “A Call to Greatness.”

Weider’s Downsides

Pic-03252013-002There were some legal issues that Weider faced back then, certain claims of later products that he introduced were highly questioned by long time fans that had entrusted in his organization as well as himself.

Weider had innovate ideas that seemed genuine in thought, but some of his great ideals would not quite measure up in promise.

Such as the popular nutritional supplement “Weider Formula 7”, which was a weight-gaining system in the form of powered mixed with water that is designed for one to gain a pound of mass a day.

But the product was not constant in terms of it’s claiming results, especially having the weightlifting icon Arnold Schwarzenegger on the front label promoting the product.

As a result Weider had to disclose fully about the different results that could be gained by the individual who is using the product.

He even encountered another set back of a legal issue regarding his booklet he had written and published back in 72′ called.. “Be a Destructive Self-Defense Fighter in Just 12 Short Lessons“.

Another was an offered refund if customers did not see results from his product called the “Five Minute Bodyshaper”. In would yet another legal issue thrown his way, because the product like the Formula 7 didn’t guarantee 100% to back it’s claim of acceptable results.

In the 80’s, again he was hit with another legal issue, this time regarding “Weider’s Anabolic Mega-Pak”.

Which agreed to traverse customers’ money back to them, if the product didn’t hit the desired expectations that they were seeking.

But despite that, Joe Weider was a determined individual that made a name for himself over the world as a pioneer of the body building franchise branding his name on basically millions of the weight sets across the world called “Weider” which brands the logo name on the leather styled lay back workout benches.

Weider died of heart failure this past Saturday, he was 93.

Pioneer Of A Weightlifting Industry Dies“..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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