Same-Sex Marriage Campaign On Twitter & Facebook

Same-Sex Marriage Campaign On Twitter & Facebook

Pic-03272013-003 People might have been lost, when they saw their Facebook webpage filled with red-equal signs.

But they more in likely didn’t under stand exactly why the famous mathematic symbol that was used for {so so} many years now, and suddenly seeing it all over their Facebook web-page.

The equal sign symbol is being used as a reference for support of same-sex marriage.

This was a move by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), asking people to wear red and also make their Facebook profile page (via) the same color.

This request was made due to the laws in California, that is denying people’s rights for same-sex marriage.

The defense of Marriage Act states that A Man And Woman are Joined in a unionized partnership (marriage).

This is where the HRC had come in a made the request and launched the red equal sign Facebook campaign.

And after this had taken fold, a twist or rather “fork in the road” had appeared in a counter-protest for Twitter.




In The Balance…

After Facebook had broadcasted the red equal signs across millions of users of the social media site, Twitter was on a campaign of their own branding, as users of that social media site started posting “hash-tags” and that was followed by a red cross symbol, that was for traditional marriage.

So of course as you might so except that Facebook users would look at the “red cross” symbol as a counter, but instead of looking at it in a negative way they adapted to the red cross symbol using it as a counter adding it to the equal symbol as support to their belief in same-sex marriage.

An artist by the name of Juana Medina was drawn to the debate between the social sites and laid in a few comments of her own saying… 

“I was able to see heated confrontations and hear passionate arguments for all sides. Those were not the actions that moved me. It was the actions of my grandmothers, young parents, pastors and drag queens singing This Little Light of Mine together really touched me.”

She goes on to say… “The logo provided through social media by the Human Rights Campaign is solid and iconic. I just wanted to add to it a lighthearted comment, hoping to remind myself and others of how this is simply a matter of equality.

I did not want to create anything overpowering or striking, unless eliciting a smile counts as striking.”

“It would be nice if the outcome of this process could show that all the fear and misconceptions will fall short in comparison to love.”  Jauna Medina..

The campaign between the two social media giants no doubt will continue for some time on this topic…

(Video Credit: Cori Wong)

Same-Sex Marriage Campaign On Twitter & Facebook

(By: Jaye Irons)

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