3-Way Slice: North Korea Put On Notice / Adam Lanza’s Motive Newtown Shooting / Girl Kidnapped Is Found

North Korea Put On Notice


Pic-03292013-001Kim Jong Un really needs to understand something LOL, and that is he is starting to ruffle feathers of a lot of countries with he defiant attitude that has spawned off from North Korea’s rocket force program that he started blasting off as of late.

Conducting missile launch test without any notice, ignoring U.N. sanctions constantly and even blowing off super powers like the U.S. or China after he was told by them that basically “He is stepping out of line with the whole issue of launching missiles in a series of tests to see one would think, their capability to reach their target.

And then you have to think the next question would be their effectiveness to more in likely wipe out or cripple that intended target.

So what exactly is Kim Jong Un trying to prove?

No one really can say 100 percent, but a lot of it has to do with their neighboring country like South Korea and yea the U.S. (Because after all, so many people hate the U.S. LOL) Bin Ladin was an avid example of that for his overall views of the U.S. wanting to destroy it anyway possible no doubt.

But Jong Un has been pushing the envelope so far till it is just tendering slightly on the edge of the table.

And that came in the form of threats by North Korea as Un said his piece of comments like…

“The time has come to settle accounts with the U.S. imperialists in view of the prevailing situation.”

So what the h**l is Un driving at?

Then later friday at the main square in Pyongyang, thousands of North Korean citizens had formed a huge rally function chanting stuff like “Death to the U.S. imperialists!”

LOL see right there, right there is what can get North Korea into a world of dog s**t.

They still have to understand the U.S. have ties with South Korea and even China (Although We Still Do Owe Them Some Serious Cash), then another thing is the U.S. has it’s own little “Trump Card,” up it’s sleeves to hash out so ugly havoc to Kim’s missile threat.

What that is you might say?

The U.S. have the B-2 bombers “Trump Card,” and that muscle got flexed with the Bombers took a little trip over to North Korea and dropped off a few unpleasant gifts of notification LOL if you will to them from the U.S.

So Really I think Kim Jong Un might want to think about a few things you know, before he really ruffle some feathers that might leave an extended wing span blocking his view in a hurry…



Adam Lanza’s Motive Newtown Shooting


Pic-03292013-002Lanza had driven to the Sandy Hook Elementary School, with the intent to commit unspeakable crimes.

Despite the fact that he had at least over 1,000 rounds of live ammunition, he had only the need to bring  four guns that he particularly chose.

He had in his possession:

  • A Bushmaster .223-cailber rifle.
  • A Glock handgun.
  • And the mind-set of murder.

Which is enough to make it clear, dude was serious about what he had in mind to set out to do.

When it was all said and done, Lanza had killed 20 first-graders and six staff educators, and the Glock that I mention was for no other than himself, because he basically knew after all of what he had done he was never getting out of the can that comes in the standard 5 X 9 metal bar deluxe cell.

It was suggested that Lanza was a surreal reclusive individual, he played violent video games (Which I Talked With Johnathan Brandmire On WGN 720 Radio A Few Times About Violent Video Games And That Games ARE NOT The Reason To Blame In This Matter And I’ll Tell You Why In A Minute)  the house he lived in with his mother who had a barricade of weapons just lying in wait for use.

Lanza started everything off from his Mother’s home, shooting her first before he went to Sandy Hook Elementary School she was found dead by the authorities.

And the weapons apparently were purchased by Lanza’s Mother.

So it bring up the question…

Why in the H**l did Nancy Lanza purchase all the guns for?

I can see a homeowner having a pistol which is fine for protection and it’s registered to that owner.

But she had Glocks or other various firearms that should have not even been present in the house, except for a single handgun.

And even that she should have kept under lock and key, I would say invest in a small “Steel Safe” a 150 pound one that they use to have at Target back in the day (20 Years Ago).

Now the only other way he could get at that, would be with a torch or he could try to bust the lock off with a sledgehammer.

But if his Mother was there a lot around him, then his chances would have been much lower because if he would try something like that she should be able to hear what he is doing and stop him.

Sounds childish on his part Adam, but that’s how his Mother would have to handle him. 

And no I didn’t forget about the “Violent Video Games.”

Now I’ll say this, violence comes in many factors but we have come a long way in terms of labeling things to better understand “Content.”

So if you watch a movie and you see it is violent and should not be permitted for a kid to see, then know not to let the kid see it.

That’s means you would usually see something like “Rated R”, or better yet a movie saying “Rated X”.

Then some might have “PG-13”. and may contain strong violence, or inappropriate scenes.

Well listen up, the same goes for Video Games today, there is no more excuse of games are violent and teaches kids to kill or hurt others.

Parents you now have Games that are labeled like movies, READ THE LABELS LOL to understand the “content” of the games’ plot..

Nintendo Wii is more so for Kids in my opinion, But the more adult gaming platforms like PS3 and Xbox 360 and more on the mature audience level indeed..

Note: Remember Lanza was also on a ‘certain drug’ to supposedly help curve his psychotic tendencies gone avid.





Girl Kidnapped Is Found


Pic-03292013-004Two guys had taken a 10-year-old girl and held her captive for 10 hours, which prompted authorities to go on a all out manhunt for the two abductors.

And later on, the men finally dropped the girl off by a hospital that was not to far from the girl’s resident home in the San Fernando Valley area.

And then it just gets weird for there, because there were eyewitnesses that say the men were at different locations seen with the girl.

They were also transporting girl around in different automobiles.

And the girl did say that she was awake for much of her time in the possession of the kidnappers.

When she was found by the authorities, she was found with bruises and cuts on her face.

The Police asked the girl did she know who the Men were, and the girl told them she didn’t.

But the next thing would be for the Police to check surveillance cameras, running a check on local registered sex offenders, and then the family also can be a possible angle.

A description released was suggesting that one of the kidnappers was a 18-year-old, but so far that is all they have to go on.

And one of the two vehicles the Police managed to get, were used by the kidnappers when they were transporting the girl around was abandoned.

The men had taken the girl to an empty house, were they had held her for 10 hours, and later they dropped the girl off at the hospital.

The girl’s parents told Police that she was last seen wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with characters from t he TV show “Heroes” when they saw her in her bedroom. But when she was found, she was donning a over-sized white T-shirt and was barefoot authorities told the girl’s parents..

But the thing is, at the girl is home with her parents which is the important thing.


3-Way Slice: North Korea Put On Notice / Adam Lanza’s Motive: Newtown Shooting / Girl Kidnapped Is Found

(By: Jaye Irons)


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