The Doobie Brothers & Micheal McDonald..

“The Doobie Brothers & Micheal McDonald”..

Pic-03312013-003 This famous rock band started out with John Hartman who was a drummer that arrived in California back in 69′. Hartman was on a mission if you will, and that was to meet up with Skip Spence.

Spence was a Canadian-born American musician and singer-songwriter, and he was the Co-founder of the group “Moby Grape.”

After Hartman finally met Spence, Spence then introduced Hartman to singer/guitarist Tom Johnson.

And combining their music talents, they form the group called “The Doobie Brothers”.

So in 1970 they gathered up more players into the group like Dave Shogren and singer/guitarist Patrick Simmons.

Simmons had played with local area groups such as “Scratch”, and a bassist player by the name of Tiran Porter would also become an associate of the group as well.

Simmons also was noted for his solo play performances, or what you would know as a “Solo Artist“. But that was before he entered in to the ranks of the Doobie Brothers group.

The Doobie Brothers liked to perform at live events, and their performances over the years only made them better as they progressed.

They did quite a few of their performances in Northern California, gathering their bearings and balances of various styles of the classic R&B (Rhythm & Blues) forte. 

Some of their favorite fans such as the “Hells Angels” biker club, had adopted their music play and they landed a recurring gig at one of the Hells Angels location to perform which was the “Chateau Liberte” at Santa Cruz Mountains.

Eventually Hartman would gain the attention of Warner-Brothers Records for the group, and won the group a recording contract with them.

So basically most of the group fans base, was aimed at the biker community. But in 71′ the group went with a self titled album that stemmed away from their target audience trying to branch off for other fans to build more followers to their music.

But the self-titled debut they had pushed for didn’t make the cut (Didn’t Place On The Music Charts), which emphasized heavy usage of acoustic guitars and their songs branded more on country influential music. 

So if you have a trial & error on one approach, then all you have to do is experiment to find what works better right?

And that’s what they did..

So later that year the band had decided to bring in a second drummer, this introduced Micheal Hossack who was a Navy Veteran. In October of 71′ the band started recording some songs on their second album and put Shogren on bass, guitar & background vocals.

Unfortunately for the group, Shogren would leave the band due to the conditions that were dealt out by the band’s new producer Ted Templeman.

As a result of his leaving the band, Shogren then was replaced by Tiran Porter a singer/songwriter.

And like I said before about the band playing out in the upper area of California, Porter and Hossack were both of the music scene out that way. Meaning that they were not strangers to each other, and have some ideal of how Porter would fit into the group as a bass guitarist player.

From they’re the group would pump out some great tracks like:

Micheal McDonald a later member introduced to the group had a catchy song called “What A Fool Believes”, which is a favorite of mines.

With McDonald added to the group it really set the tune for memorable songs they dished out, and their fan base just exploded open like a run-away dam filled with water letting loose and flowing like crazy. 

So take a moment and check out that track I will put at the bottom in a video…

(Video Credit: Mauricio de Souza)

The Doobie Brothers & Micheal McDonald“..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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