When Did Google Show Signs Of Humor?

When Did Google Show Signs Of Humor?

Pic-04012013-015 Now I just have to start off and say Google deep down does not have what you would call a tickle bone in it’s electronic body.

Let’s be real here, if you try to picture Google with a friendly smile on it’s digit face well.. Haha then the picture of Batman to your left is him actually in a good mood (Reframed Laughter Technique Pose Syndrome) or “RLTPS”.

Let’s be honest, Google can be your best friend but at the same time it can be one’s worst enemy.

See when we see things that look innocent, we laugh about it, we joke, we might even pull out the assortment of flavored Lipton brisk ice-teas and have that toast to the folly ways of life that make us feel alive and well.

But Google well… LOL I don’t know.

A while back I talked about a popular video that showed up on YouTube right, and it was called “The Googfather”.

And the video basically tells the story of  how “Google”, is being bad when it comes to people out there who are Advertisers that just want to make some money and be happy and live in peace. 

But NOOO!! You see.. Because Google (Or “Googfather”), doesn’t want it that way LOL..

In his eyes the advertiser is to give up more of their earned revenue to him, leaving them high and dry and penny stock broke haha..

And the character that plays the notorious “Googfather”, reflects that idealism attitude towards an advertiser that Googfather was ripping off.

Demanding that the advertiser give up most of his earned revenue shares to him.

The Advertiser of course then replied, that if he gives up that much revenue LOL it would be the end of his business period.

But the Googfather didn’t care.

Pic-04012013-017And once he heard the advertiser try to state his case, “The Googfather” LOL just gave him the look..

That defiant electronic Gangster boss glare.. Yea the one with the clipped tipped cigar hanging out his mouth one haha..

Kinda reminds me of another guy like that, and I believe that guy was running what town was it now?… Ummm

Chi-town I think? It escapes my thoughts, I mainly remember the cigar.

But I remembered a song about this mobster guy and I believe that guy fits the description so, if you play the song for the remainder of the post it might jog loose a cobb web or two haha..

Now lets look at that picture right there and ponder on it for a split second…

If you think about how Google is being looked at, then you’re right theMafia“.

And the poor smuck that was just trying to get his business off that ground, is just your everyday Average Joe thrown into the system of manipulation on both sides of the fence.

But understand this..

Google is definitely a great resource and they are powerful, it has it’s rivel in Bing.

And it even owns YouTube itself.

Hell some even say that Bing (Big Bingarro) is going to overthrow Google  (“The Googfather”) someday due to it’s faster online search engine mechanics someday, but that remains to be seen.

I did also hear before about the supposed “Shutdown”, of YouTube before.

My only thoughts on that is that the Government just doesn’t want people to view the content of the famed online t.v. platform.

(What Are They Afraid That We Might Learn Too Much For Our Own Good?)  Makes one wonder right… 

After all YouTube is a valuable tool indeed, and if it was present back then 30 years ago image how far we would have come today..

Yea I think that could put a little fear into the Googfather and his internet territory just a little..

The potential in one’s mind is only limited by what he/she can conceive..


Now I could be wrong but I’ll put in a video to better explain what I mean, so I do hope that this is just a “April Fools” trick that doesn’t actually take place a few years down the line haha.


So I don’t have anything against Google (“The Googfather”) personally, but you can’t get too friendly with them haha..

Like if you accidentally clicked on your ads (Adsense) for your site, and they LOL just trash your  Adsense account one, two, three, and it might have been an non-intentional but they just don’t care.

And then like the old saying goes, “You’re just assed out.”

You just don’t cross the
“Googfather”. But LOL Google I guess love the average masses out in the world today, but just gotta say ‘April Fools’ or not…

You just don’t cross “The Googfather”. But turn the tables and make him work for you instead haha..

It’s all about how you go about it..

When Did Google Show Sings Of Humor?

(By: Jaye Irons)


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