Guy Tries To Shoot Cop At Station.. WTF?

Guy Tries To Shoot Cop At Station.. WTF?

Pic-04032013-001You know I don’t understand just exactly what the f**k people are thinking nowadays LOL, and a better question is what are people smoking nowadays.

Because this story just doesn’t make any damn sense at all.

Ok so this guy goes to the Police station last night, out in Vernon Hills, Illinois. And keep in mind that he went there in the early morning hours, so give or take the possible chance for something f**ked up to happen but you would think maybe not but again the phrased word I mentioned briefly “Nowadays” who knows whats what..

The guy requested the assistance of an officer to report his case of a ‘accident’ that supposedly had happen, and it did make sense for the guy to want to report it of course, or what you would call requesting to fill out an “Accident Report.”

So from there, they have to notify an officer at the station about the request and then the officer would have to meet the person in the lobby to further assist them with the process of filling out the report and from there everything should be all good but…

But here is the “Don’t make sense part that won this guy the 21st annual stupidity award for 2013 LOL.

This idiot meets the officer in the lobby as standard procedure to anyone filing a claim, but then he quickly pulls out a weapon (handgun) then aims for the officer who did  the same (The Officer Went For His Weapon) and shot the suspect one time.

Now I gotta say right off… What was this guy’s problem LOL, did he just get done watching “Terminator” and figure that he could just waltz into a police station like that and take out a few cops that is if he could get the first one down in the lobby? LOL…

Police Officer Sharon Joseph, had taken statements of the incident after it all went down this morning at the Vernon Hills Police Dept.

The idiot that tried to go all “Dirty Harry” at the station, was then taken to a nearby hospital and is in fair condition. 

Now I’m thinking about something and Illinois, so here’s a rundown list of what I think it is about this “damned” state that has people going super “Ape S**t” as of late maybe it is because of..

  1. Unemployment
  2. House Foreclosures
  3. Frustrated Lifestyles
  4. People Dealing With Extreme Tension / Aggravation
  5. Or They Watched To Many “Cops” Episodes And Just Had Enough

LOL I can’t understand why the guns come out, and they go “bang”, “bang”..

It’s just hard to say WTF is going on with people these days of trying times..

But the 5 reasons I have provided might hold some of the pieces to the puzzle that just still leave many lost.

A 6th angle to it.. Maybe he was just simply jacked up on “LSD“, or some type of reverse high on life in the worst way.

Only he would know that answer to that classic $1,000 ‘Jeopardy’ question, a question that even leaves Alex Trebek scratching his chin in anticipation LOL..

Guy Tries To Shoot Cop At Station.. WTF?

(By: Jaye Irons)

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