Owen Hart’s Widow Wins Lawsuit

Owen Hart’s Widow Wins Lawsuit

Pic-04042013-003Owen Hart was noted as big time superstar in the WWE, for years ever since his brother Brett the “Hitman” Hart was involved in the Franchise Wrestling league himself for many years. 

But an unexpected twist in Owen Hart’s career had taken place in 1999, I was one of the millions of viewers that day that witnessed an up and coming superstar come to an untimely end during a WWE special event.

You see Owen had a double personality act he would do dressing up as the unpredictable and offbeat Blue Blazer“, and the Blazer would enter the arena many of different ways putting a totally different spin on the meaning of “Ring Entrance” LOL.

Now I think at that time his brother Brett Hart was hanging in the WCW Franchise but don’t quote me on that it has been 14 years now since that day of a tragic loss we all as fans had to endure and the loss that Owen’s wife had to endure as well (Martha Hart).

But the thing is Owen Hart had fell to his death from a 78-foot drop he tried to get up but died as he was lying in the ring (Some Reports On His Fall Will Vary Some Say 50, 78, or 90), while performing his usual “Blue Blazer” entrance.

And that happened in 1999 at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri during the WWE event Over the Edge“.

And I just can’t forget that day, me and my nephew and brother-in-law just watched in complete disbelief of what have just transpired in front of our faces within mere seconds.

Pic-04042013-004And the sell out crowd at the “Over the Edge” event, just fell completely silent.

(The Picture Of A Usual “Blue Blazer” Wire Act Ring Entry)

EMT’s rushed to the scene and cautious placing Hart on the stretcher, but it was already too late.

Now I found a video and it was saying in words flashing across the video that explains what happened that day, and right off it states that the rope didn’t break.

And the rope pulley was not designed for a person to use, but rather for Carpenters that need their tools in a toolbox that needs to be either lifted or lowered to whatever floor they might be working on.

So that falls on WWE’s shoulders at that point like it says in the video because they are supposed to make sure that it would be safe for a person to use the pulley in that manner.

Now at the time of all this remember the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) was still called the WWF (World Wrestling Federation), but because of all the flack they were catching from the (World Wildlife Federation) also the WWF they were prompted by them to chance their logo name hence “WWE”.

So after the accident that led to Hart’s death, his wife had filed a lawsuit against the WWF.

In 2000, Martha Hart had won the suit for $18 million, and she used some of that to establish the Owen Hart Foundation.

And another suit is likely because the WWE now has unlawfully used Owen’s image without consulting with his family’s permission first, and this is a settlement that his wife is pursuing that was filed since 2010. 

Martha Hart also said that the WWE were not planning to pay out any royalties to the Hart family

That just goes to show how money corrupts just about anything or anybody these days, even if it is over a tragic death…

Check out the video below to find out more…  R.I.P. “Blue Blazer”.

The video below is Brett Hart speaking out about his brother Owen.

Owen Hart’s Widow Wins Lawsuit

(By: Jaye Irons)

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