Target Catches A Classic “Cannonblast!”

Target Catches A Classic “Cannonblast!”


Pic-04052013-003Back in 1993, this guy was looking for a job, and he had just left his previous job that was dealing with the fast-food industry (I Don’t Want To Have To Call Names, But A Hint About The Restraunt’s Name Well It Ends With ___BER the other half is ___G). And he got fed up with that job and decided, “Screw this, I’m outta here.”

Fast food joints are indeed hard to work for, especially when you have the lunch hour rush come pouring in the joint and demanding either tomatoes or more lettuce, or saying “Less mayo on my fish sandwich! And LOL don’t let the kids get started during the lunch hour, it’s just not pretty 😦

So the guy decided to go apply at Target, that’s right Target… The place where they have all of the Walt Disney Character designs all over the place but wait that was 20 years ago from what I remember.

Ah yea that guy was me LOL.

And I didn’t care for Target much as well, to often to get any promotion at that place come down to well.. Two things, either you doing someone favors, or LOL don’t be a girl because if you are working at the one I was at she would become a target. And ironically it would be the same word like the store itself.. One example of that, my Boss at the time would literally go after any new girl there. 

And LOL he had a smoking hot girlfriend that worked at the same company haha, yea it was wild back then. And yea eventually she did bust him, I guess the “Pager” (Cell Phones Were Still Just Starting To Catch On Then) was the one to end it for him on that note.

But that was a little Target history I had to throw in..

Today Target gets a “Cannonblast”, because of their plus-size dress product that comes in a “Manatee Gray” color.

And this pissed off some Shoppers out in Brooklyn, New York.

One shopper made comments to the “New York Post” saying… Target was “putting down one set of people over another” with different labels. 

And that was said by Michelle Ho, who was out doing some shopping at Target in the Atlantic Terminal Mall.

And you know what happens when someone or something is in the wrong completely LOL, they catch a authentic genuine classic…

CANNONBLAST!! Pic-04052013-001

Even Spokeswoman Jessica Deede for Target even said that the labels associated with the Massimo brand-dress outfit was an “unintentional oversight”.

Yep looks like Target missed the Bull’s Eye big time, and as a result they ende up having to hash-out apologies for the label blunder.

And the dress product had to removed from the Target Website.

Target had to swallow some more of it’s own untasty medicine as well (Due To The Fact That “Manatee Gray” Was A Seasonal Color), and it is in the process of  fixing the label blunder conspiracy.. 


But other then that, it’s a great store..

They did kinda freak me out though when I worked there with all of the Walt Disney wallpaper back then LOL, got to the point I thought Mickey Mouse might just jump out of the “Wood Works” or something.. Saying haha “Hello my name is Mickey!”

Yea a little creepy when you think about it haha..


Target Catches A Classic “Cannonblast!”


(by: Jaye Irons)

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