The Youngest Person To Be Executed In America Is…

The Youngest Person To Be Executed In America Is…


Geogre Junius Stinney story is just tragic and unbelievable and I tell you why..

He was accused of a crime that he more in likely did not commit, and the more shocking part of it is that the crime that this 14-year-old kid was accused of doing.

That has the average sane Americans today thinking to themselves… Really? Did this little kid killed two girls, after he was even part of a drawn out search for the little girls telling a bystander that he saw the girls the prior day.

The two girls were later found murdered, and whoever killed them used a railroad spike as their choice of a murder weapon to do so. They died from blunt trauma blows to the head with the use of the spike.

And after he did say to a bystander about seeing the girls the prior day, he was the last person to see the girls but there is more to this story and it will grip you no doubt of what is about to be typed out in this post..

Most people in America know back then how slavery was a part of America History, it was just messed up and terrible how people are just beaten, forced to work till they collapsed and die, or accused for something they didn’t do, or even turned away from restaurants or told to get a drink of water from a faucet at the back of a restaurant and I’m pretty sure the conditions were none to sanitary.

After Stinney told that he saw the girls the day before to a bystander that was part of a search group.

It put Stinney into a bad position and what I mean is, Stinney was black and the two young girls (Betty June Binnicker, 11, and Mary Emma Thames, 8) were white.

I know it sounds like a broken record but these are the things that took place back then, the dark side of divided races hating each other over the color of the skin.

Afterwords Stinney was accused of the murders, and the ones accusing him did not have any evidence to prove that he did the crime.

Some Added Details To The Case…

Pic-04062013-003Now the thing to this case is that there were sides to the story all together meaning, were there any other witnesses that could add any fill in the blank clues to what might have happened that day and in the time frame of these girls coming up missing and the whereabouts of Stinney himself.

So the intentional part of the story was that the girls were riding their bikes, looking for flowers. On their journey they passed by the Stinney property in the distance. They came across both George and his sister Katherine, and asked them if they knew where they could find some “maypops”, which is a type of flower. From there the girls came up missing.

There were volunteers that gathered up local residents for a search party to find the girls, and the morning after their bodies was found they lying dead in a ditch filled with muddy water and suffered from severe head wounds which was the cause of their deaths.

Stinney was taken into custody by the authorities, and interrogated for an hour about the girls’ murder.

A deputy then said that Stinney confessed to the double murders of the girls.

So Stinney confession was stating that he said he wanted to have sex with one of the girls Betty Binnicker, but with her friend being present Mary Thames would ruin the opportunity.

So from here is where Stinney decided to go after Mary, and kill her off so that he could then turn his attentions to Betty.

(Yea It Does Sound Crazy)..

Both girls fought him back, so Stinney decided to kill Betty as well and the weapon was to be a 15 inch Railroad spike that Stinney supposedly used.

And when the girls were found, the railroad spike was found in the same location.

(And It Gets Weird Because Of The Deputy Saying That)..

Stinney was successfully at murdering the girls at the same time?

(That Threw Me Off, I’m Thinking How Can You Murder Two People At The Same Time? I’m Thinking It Would Be One Or The Other In Order).

And the girls heads were shattered into 4-5 pieces, due to the blows from the railroad spike.

The next day Stinney, was then charged with first-degree murder.

After the investigation Stinney was placed in jail, and the towns people were rallying forces to go after him in jail and pull him out to be lynched.

But Stinney had been taken to Charleston, South Carolina by the law enforcement.

Stinney family had fled town due to the fear or being targeted by angry town mobs.

Stinney then was set to go to trial, even though he was considered to young to be tried as an adult because he was 14.

But the trial did proceed, and the Court had appointed Charles Plowden as Stinney’s lawyer in the case. But Plowden did not cross-examine the witness, because again of the boy’s age Plowden was thinking the boy is too young to be tried for his crimes. But that was over-written by the South Carolina law which sates that anybody over the age of 14 can be tried as an adult.

Stinney was charged with the murders of the girls, and was to be sentenced to death by the “Electric Chair“.

And the statements that led to his conviction came from the comments of Betty’s sister Lorraine Binnicker, in which she protest saying that.. “Everybody knew that he done it, even before they had the trial they knew that he done it. But, I Don’t think they had too much of a trial”.

The execution had taken place at the South Carolina State Penitentiary in Columbia, South Carolina on June 16, 1944 in the morning.

At 7:30 Stinney was escorted to the execution chamber, and it was difficulties strapping him into the chair properly. But eventually he was strapped into the chair, he then was jolted with over 2,000 volts of electricity and as a result the face mask made to fit an adult slipped off his face. The boy’s eyes were wide open  filled with tears and saliva falling from his mouth, and after two more jolts he was dead.

The case had some serious loopholes in it all together, and it was stated that the whole case itself, had lack of evidence to support the fact that Stinney murdered Betty and Mary. Especially because of the elements to the case presented in the first place that didn’t have any evidence to bring to the jury, so this suggests the boy was framed.

There was even documentation by a man named George Frierson, that said that the true culprit who is now dead. Was from a well-known prominent white family. And members of that family insisted to the corner’s inquest jury for Stinney to be punished for a false murder.

(So Yea The Boy Was Set-up, It’s A Damn Shame).

It was even said the murder weapon was not, done with a railroad spike.. But rather a beam type object weighing twenty pounds, and Stinney was just to little to be able to gather the force to swing it or rather even attempt to lift the object..

(Video Credit: RebelGodessRed90)

The Youngest Person To Be Executed In America Is

(By: Jaye Irons)

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