Sequestration Deadline… Health Care Cost Effected But How Badly?

Sequestration Deadline… Health Care Cost Effected But How Badly?

Pic-04072013-002If Sequestration does become real it will no doubt hurt a lot of Americans in terms of health care cost hikes, and it will hit their pockets deep and hard without any remorse. So think about this for a moment, people with heart disease, diabetes, HIV / AIDS, people with alzheimer’s disease, you name it.

But the cuts will be done to NIH (National Institutes of Health), and health care cuts aren’t the only thing that will suffer from the cuts.

It will also impact the slowing of Education, and valuable research that is definitely needed in the world today.

So it’s not just America that will be affected but other countries within their own Governments, that could face what is going on here can mean the differences between life and death to put it plain and simple.

Dr. Francis Collins of the NIH said: “When it comes to finding cures for treatments, time is of the essence and we fear hat time will be slowed in terms of progress because of the cuts”. 

Pic-04072013-001NIH has already taken the steps of reducing the funding for grants, knowing that it could be rough for the times ahead. And then what comes into play is the job factor, will the employees working for them get the boot or meaning will they be out of a job..

Collins also stated:  “The NIH cannot make any promises given the uncertain situation of what health care cuts may take place, and at the same time what financial effects that will change in people lives who depend on health care benefits.

One Senator said that the health care cuts that it’s like a self-inflicted wound..

The NIH is a valuable source of funds to scientists in which currently it supports over 300,000 of them, as well as 3,000 institutions and counting.

So the estimated total cuts that NIH is talking about, will come to about 5.1% and that is across the entire board.

Which is true enough, it’s already hard on America as of now trying to find work, trying to buy a home, trying to deal with more compiling tax hikes, h**l just trying to live anymore.

And I hate to say it, but I just wonder how much more will be dealt out to us LOL.

Now I see why even Wesley Snipes (A.K.A BLADE) left this country to try to espace the enviable, no it’s not cause of Vampires he took them out in Blade ‘Trinity“.

But LOL wasn’t s**t he could do about the tax hike vampires (A Different Breed) they couldn’t be stopped by sunlight, silver, or garlic haha.. They were just to powerful for even him to deal with.. 

Sequestration Deadline… Health Care Cost Effected But How Badly?

(By: Jaye Irons)

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