Annette Funicello “Forever Mouseketeer”

Annette Funicello “Forever Mouseketeer”


Pic-04092013-005Noted as one of the most unforgettable Mickey Mouse Club  “Mouseketeer”. She started out at the age of twelve with her career in acting, and due to her popularity on the “Mickey Mouse Club” Show had catapulted her to instant stardom very quickly.

Originally Walt Disney took quite an interest in Funicello, as she was performing the famous “Swan Lake” dance recital as the Swan Queen. It would be a performance to gain her entry into the ranks of becoming a future mouseketeer..

After her time on the Mickey Mouse Club was done, she moved on to bigger promotions in the film industry.

Disney had some ideals in mind, and planned to align Funicello into different movie ventures a list of movies they starred her in was..

Disney held on to a contract with Funicello even after she left the Mickey Mouse Club, but she eventually move on from Disney to pursue her most iconic role as the teen idol she portrayed in “Beach Party” movies starring with Frankie Avalon in the 60’s.

So another list of those movies are..

Pic-04092013-007And for some strange reason, Walt Disney still made it’s presence known to Funicello when she did take on her role in those beach movies.

They had a request made to her to wear a “Bikini” that would not show her navel (Bellybutton)…

LOL like they were acting as her daddy, I guess that happens when a long time performer in movies might have had a role that they started off from as a kid.

So the end result, that image can plague them further down the road when they are trying to get a more adult acting role for a film as they get older.

Kinda like “Webster” (Emmanuel Lewis), people really can only identify him in that role as a kid.

So again in that situation, it can haunt someone who is seeking out for an adult role.

Plus in Lewis’s case his height also worked against him in that manner, which also made it more difficult for him to transgress into the adult roles in the film industry.

Funicello also displayed her ability to sing, and that came up on her performance of the song “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee.” And she performed other hit songs as well back then, especially singing the “Mickey Mouse Club” song.

In the late 70’s she was doing peanut butter commercials, or LOL the “Skippy” era involving peanut butter sandwiches but I don’t remember any jelly being there in the commercial shoots…

Jelly always gets neglected 😦

She introduced her autobiography in 94′ calledA Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes“: My Story.

Funicello died at the age of 70. She will be known as a Disney Legend..


(Video Credit: ncatt)



Annette Funicello “Forever Mouseketeer”


(By: Jaye Irons)

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