North Korea Missile… Launch? WTF?

North Korea Missile… Launch? WTF?..

Pic-04102013-006So it comes down to this, North Korea has been causing some serious noise thus far and none to positive as of late..

This all comes from Kim Jong-Un‘s stint on promoting the ever so attention-getting ability to launch it’s missiles, which is a part of it’s prominent (Missile Warfare Program) or what Un has been calling the “test missile flight” to see how far it goes LOL.

All I have to say really is that Un needs to be careful, REALLY CAREFUL at this point you see..

If he f**ks up, on a given day (Any), and gets a ‘itchy trigger finger’ by accidentally (In His Case Accidentally Might Not Be A Term In His Vocabulary) launching a missile and that s**t hits America… Well haha.

We know what will happen if that is the case, and before the end of time we are also surely expecting another huge war of some sorts (It Can Be No Doubt Of That).

But I still say what exactly is Kim Jong Un trying to prove here?

What he thinks he is intimidating people in America with launch threats, of his precious missile launching capability?

And LOL most people still can’t figure out why in the h**l Dennis Rodman had went over to sit and have a buddy-buddy chat with him..

Rodman winded up getting fired fromCelebrity Apprentice because of the badly handled “negotiations” promoting Melania Trump’s products that she was advertising, you’ll have to look up the rest of that story by doing a Google search to see the funny side of that..

But the point is why would anybody send Dennis Rodman over to negotiate with a madman like Kim Jong Un LOL, if he can’t even handle the negations of promoting Melania Trump’s “Skin Care” products which from what I saw on a report turned ‘creepy’ haha from what was said (Rodman’s Request To Meet Up With Melania Trump At Her Bathroom To See The Products Up Close Plus He Spelled Her Name Wrong LOL)..

Now there was a comment by U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagelhe said plainly: North Korea has “been skating very close to a dangerous line” and should tone down it’s “bellicose rhetoric” to ease tensions.

LOL so what he means is that for North Korea, needs to knock off the constant bulls**t rant about the missile launch, and other related talks about the launch program all together and keep it to themselves.

The whole purpose of a country having the resources to defend itself, is strictly only to be used as a “last resort” in terms of battle if they have to go the route of engaging into war.

Not flaunting the fact that, “Well we have the capability to launch missile!! Ok and?… He is going to mess around and actually cause a war, and we ourselves just came out of one that went on for years LOL.

Jong Un should think about that firmly, before he slips up and steps into some dog s**t real fast. But only time will tell, will he f**k up and cause yet another war for the U.S., or will he straighten up and act like a civilized leader of a great country he calls home to that of North Korea.

If I was him, I would sit my ass down quick and think about it..

(Video Credit: itnnews)

North Korea Missile… Launch? WTF?

(By: Jaye Irons)

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