Meghan McCain’s Murder Suggested In Ann Coulter’s Post?

Meghan McCain’s Murder Suggested In Ann Coulter’s Post?

Pic-04122013-002For some odd off the wall reason Ann Coulter had written a joke in her journal post, that might not be all too funny. She had written in her post suggesting in a joking manner, for Meghan McCain to be murdered.

Coulter involved in the political front for some time now, has written and published a number of books.

And is known for some pretty outrageous comments, that can come out of left field unexpectedly.

Coulter had broadcasted that statement in a post she did this past Wednesday, Fox News  had caught wind of the statement in her post but surprisingly did not respond to action of that printed statement right away.

Now this has an angle on the whole “Gun Proposals”, that have been an issue as of late. And other talks about way-out-there type statements like the Martin Bashir had leaked out on “MSNBC” saying that “Republican senators need to have a member of their families killed for them to support the Democrats’ gun proposals.

Wow talk about a tough crowd, LOL like you might find on an opening night stand up comedy show live onShowtime and the star comedian on stage for an hour just goes go cold turkey on a list of jokes lined-up and he / she forgets half of the list of jokes they were going to tell to the audience.. Yea not a pretty sight.

But after Coulter had released her print a few days back, Meghan McCain had step up to the challenge of sharing her insights about Coulter’s comment about her 

Pic-04122013-003 personally.

McCain said the following tweeted message on Twitter: “Apparently Ann Coulter made a joke about me being killed in a recent column. I should expect nothing less but disgusted regardless.”

“My Father is a very famous politician. My family gets a lot of threats. Joking about me being killed really isn’t funny or appropriate,” McCain added. 

“A little perspective this morning. People like Ann Coulter are part of the past and only live to spread hate and negativity. I literally couldn’t imagine living a life that seems so void of love, compassion, and perspective. Basically I get to wake up every day wanting to make the world a better place and people like her want to make it a worse place. I feel blessed to have not grown to be a person like that.” -end quote.

Cindy McCain, added to Meghan’s message to Coulter saying..

“Ann Coulter, have one of your family members threatened. See how you feel!”

I guess Coulter really stepped into the liter box (A Giant-Sized One), not knowing what she might find while stepping through it.

But Coulter is known for saying some outrageous stuff like that, and what McCain said had a valid point.

Coulter mentioning about her being murdered in her post, how it could be referenced as a joke is beyond most people.

I guess only Ann Coulter could understand the angle of that one, or what her comment on that ‘phrase’ was suppose to implicate..

(Video Credit: beltwayjunky)

Meghan McCain’s Murder Suggested In Ann Coulter’s Post?

(By: Jaye Irons)

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