Bob Costas Cannonblasts CBS Over Augusta’s Policies

Bob Costas Cannonblasts CBS Over Augusta’s Policies


Jim Mantz spoke with sports personality announcer Bob Costas on the “Dan Patrick Show”, for a while the conversation was just general and basic sports talk

about the Augusta Golf Tournament. But soon after a few moments into it, the conversation got touchy between the two and eventually would anger Costas.


Especially after Costas was offered an opportunity to announce at the famous golf tournament.

The conversation was addressing the previous attitudes toward people of color back and women, trying to integrate into the sport of professional golf. And the target in question was the history of Augusta and the club’s rules and only ‘allowing’ certain people to join into it.

And it got a little heated, Costas took it to another level particularly addressing to Mantz in the conversation about the untruths that lay in plain sight about the game of golf and it’s strict policies back then.

Jim Nantz was seeking to get Costas to participate in an impersonation contest for Masters week.

Costas just look the other way showing no interest in what Nantz had to offer, and the thing that Costas was addressing was the sexist and racist stipulations of Augusta’s admission policies.

Costas even dropped in a few comments of the offer to announce the Masters said the following..

“What no CBS commentator has ever alluded to, even in passing, even during a rain delay, even when there was time to do so, is Augusta’s history of racism and sexism.”

“Even when people were protesting just outside the grounds — forget about taking a side — never acknowledging it. 

So not only will I never work the Masters because I’m not at CBS, but I’d have to say something, and then I would be ejected.” Costas shared his thoughts in a nut shell WOW!..

Pic-04142013-002Costas standing his ground is an honorable gesture. But at the same time that he threw that debate back in the face of Jim Mantz, LOL he also threw sand in the face of CBS.

And that is because Augusta has CBS on a one-year contract for the golf tournament event. Matter of fact CBS has the broadcast rights to the event since the 50’s, and that was the time period which racial tensions was at an all time high..

And that may weigh heavy for Costas’s protest, unless he gains the backing and support from other factions on this viewpoint.

After Costas showed that he is standing firmly on his opinion  not to be associated with the upcoming golf event in Augusta, it sparked off some ugly comments from fans of the Augusta golf tournment..

One on-looker said this about Costas’s statement to Jim Nanatz and CBS  about his viewpoint of the Augusta’s golf tournment.

  1. comment: Costas needs to get off of his high horse. He would not broadcast the Masters because of their history, yet he had no problem with the history of the atrocities in China while there with NBC for the 2008 Olympics. I heard that interview on Dan’s show this morning, and Costas came off even more smug and arrogant than usual..
  2. comment: Costas needs to get a life. Augusta members run the club the way the members want to run it. Invitation only- no women- no problem. They own it we don’t, if Costas doesn’t like it he can start his own “winner club”. I’m so sick of these f’ed up humans. Send them to Europe

Well the thing is and still holds true today, standing up for what you believe in is never easy no doubt.

But LOL Bob Costas looks at it in this shine of light, and is probably thinking about it in his mind saying… (While Readying The Cannon Aimed Firmly At CBS) 

It’s my belief so deal with it!..  

and… FIRE!!! Pic-04142013-001 

Oh boy, now you have to have somebody put up a brand new logo on that note haha..


(Video Credit: TheDanPatrickShow)




Bob Costas Cannonblasts CBS Over Augusta’s Policies


(By: Jaye Irons)

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