Pic-04142013-010This is like the 3rd or 4th post I did about vampires LOL, but I guess vampires are just all to popular, they are mysterious and march to the beat of their own drummer, can charm and control anybody with just a stare. And can even take on various shapes and forms at will. And of course they like BLOOD!

                                                                                                                                           (“Castlevania” .. front cover picture)

(Even Though Becoming A Wolf  Why Dracula Does That I Still Don’t Know Isn’t That A Wolfman Thing?

But it was a game that I liked and it is a big time ‘classic’, and the protagonists of that game was Simon Belmont.

The Belmont family had a tradition, and that was to challenge the “Prince of Darkness” (Dracula).

Dracula is resurrected every 100 years, it is then the duty of the famous vampire hunters whomever is chosen from the Belmont family in that generation of vampire slayers to go to Casltevania and stop Dracula.

The choice of weapon that the Belmonts’ hold dear, is a whip made of “Alchemy’ and is called the “Vampire Killer“.


The whip is mystical and just like ‘kryptonite’ that can kill Superman, the same goes for the whip when used against Dracula.

The whip would also be passed to different families like the Belmonts, that would also choose a young warrior to go slay Dracula.

But there comes a “high price”, for those who are not part of the Belmont lineage (family members).

If the users is not a blood relative of the Belmont family, the whip will then slowly drain the life force of anyone else that uses the mystical weapon.

In one of the future games of Castlevania, John Morris was a chosen to take up the fight against Dracula.

But not being a Belmont family member, he would succumb to that fate using the whip to slay the Prince of Darkness.

After he took down Dracula, he paid the price of using the “Vampire Killer” whip.

He suffered substantial injures, and would later die as a result.

Then the whip was passed down to Morris’s son Johnathan Morris, that picked up from where his father left off.

Johnathan Morris had to confront a vampire that was using Dracula’s abilities by manipulating Dracula. 

On top of that, he had to also take on my favorite character in the “Castlevania” series Richter Belmont or rather some type of entity or being that was posing as Richter.

The reason Richter was so popular in the game’s series, is because his character was tricked into being king of Dracula’s castle

You see Richter liked to kill vampires plain and simple, and even though he killed off Dracula. He would then become possessed by some type of entity…

Because of that Richter was twisted all the way around the “oak tree” no doubt about it, and believe it or not the one to stop Richter would be Dracula’s own son AlucardWho was a peacekeeper type vampire.. 

Yea the story goes deep into the roots LOL.

And while Johnathan used the whip for the intended purpose of killing Dracula, he would have to defeat Richter’s essence (Made Real) that was a living part of the whip. Afterwords, he then returned the whip back to the Belmont family.

And the reason the whip could only be used by the Belmonts was pretty simple, the whip is alive and corresponds with the DNA (Chromosomes) of any Belmont family relative.

So in short they can’t be harmed by the whip, so no life drain for them to worry about. But the story is over all great to the series and it’s sequels.

And the story itself takes a page of to out of  the novel Bram Stoker’s : Dracula“.

But check the original game classic “Castlevania” from the Nintendo Entertainment System out for yourself in the video below. 

Note: this game is on a 8-bit format game play, so you know it’s over 25 years old in case you were wondering why it looks so outdated.. LOL.

(Video Credit: KamilDowonna)


(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then  My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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