Boston Marathon Attack..

Boston Marathon Attack..

Pic-04152013-006Police had arrived on the scene quickly, but it was challenging for the medical personnel to get through the crowds as one eyewitness said.. The bystander said that his dad was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment as he was injured in the blast.

All in all this was supposed to be a marathon race, but unbeknownst to many in attendance two bombs were set to detonate and as a result many people were wounded and 2 people died in the incident. 

It was just pure evil for an act like this to be displayed at an event that is to be enjoyable for many, but instead it turn out to be a complete nightmare..

Witnesses saw runners being brought from the explosion, with missing limbs, others badly injured and had to be rushed to the hospital A.S.A.P (As Soon As Possible).

It was even reported that two other bombs, were set to go off at the finish line.

So far there is no known motive for the bomb attack and no suspects have been linked to the disaster that took place today.

The two bombs that went off were set about 100 yards apart, people were shaken up, even some runners were knocked down to the ground. Shattered glass flew as windows busted from the impact of the blasts. Smokey clouds flew over the street.

There were over twenty-thousand runners in attendance for the race, and it was a major event to take hold in Boston. 

Copley Square was supposed to be the end destination for the race. 

Pic-04152013-005People were told to stay indoors, and visitors were told to go back to their hotel rooms. 

Investigators aren’t sure about the exact locations that the bombs could have been planted at, they speculate mailboxes or trash cans could have been potential spots for the bombs to be planted.

Now the thing is… This race was to be ran for the victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, in honor of the fallen victims in that incident. Runners that past the 26 mile marker (The Marker Was Decorated) towards the finish, which was to show reference to  the town of  Newtown, Conn.

The race was also held in the honor of Patriot’s Day, and reminds citizens about the Revolutionary War that took place back in the 1770’s (Battles of Lexington & Concord).

Barack Obama was told about the incident by top officials at the White House, and security detail was increased. The FBI was dispatched to find out more about the situation.

Explosive devices was the cause, what types still is not confirmed. (Maybe SEMTEX, I Watched Blade 2 With The Scene Were Snipes Reveals It… Enough Of It To Level A City Block).

The President commented about the tragedy saying…

“We still don’t know who did this or why, and people shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. But make no mistake we will get to the bottom of this.” – end quote

It just doesn’t make any sense I say, why do some thing like this?..

It’s like you can’t do anything or go anywhere anymore without some dumbshit like this to happen, I wonder how the ones or person responsible can just sit back and live with themselves after either killing or harming all of those people.. I just don’t get it.


(Video Credit: Shastametaldetecting)



Boston Marathon Attack..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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